I Am Moving Blogs

The blog The Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes is now moving we have a new home as well as a new name It has changed to Savette.com

Thank you for reading and following the Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes you have all help make it into a popular blog thank you and I hope it has helped some of you as well.

The blog will still be here but no more new posts will be added.

If anyone is linked up to this blog and you wish to still link up on the new blog can you let me know thanks

Hope you come and enjoy Savette.com


Are You Listening

Do you ever get the impression you’re not being heard, this is how I am feeling NO-ONE is listening to me. Do I exist well yes think so, so why can no one hear me?

To the mums in the school playground – I know you see me , but why do you always insist of talking round me, over me do know how damn right rude that is. Then to let your kids keep bumping into Gnome’s buggy well sorry if you do that anymore I will say something , instead of trying to do a mummy dance round the buggy just to stop them hitting it.

To my lovely neighbours – when you see me struggling with the kids, when they are having a meltdown why not come and speak to me instead of giving me your filthy looks. By the way I don’t appreciate your sort of music at any time least not at midnight, with the kids running up and down the stairs and banging the doors. Perhaps I should start playing them games say about 3am when you have just crawled into bed ? As for the swearing i don’t really want to hear it this year , you are not forcing us to stay in the house all summer due to your foul language, sort it out.

My darling children – when I ak you to do a job let’s face it, they are not difficult jobs why do you make such a task. It then takes ages to sort out and I knew I should have done it myself.
Also if you want your clean clothes thrown all over the floor I can do that and give you the crumpled look you long for that is not a problem because I just waste my time trying to make you look smart.

Marley my loveable puppy – look if you want to get up 6am and bark your head off to wake all the house up, please leave it a bit longer till you start said barking. When we go for walks you really have to learn we are going where I want to go not where you decide and sitting down not moving just doesn’t cut it, get it .

My family you don’t know nothing about us our situation or anything. I mean that phone call from my sister said it all she didn’t know details about me that in reality she should. So think its time to say you’re not there for me. No worries I have the most loving and supportive husband to back me up. Then of course there is my lovely online family that are so helpful and with me every step of the way I really appreciate it. Thank you

Savettes News

An update on the Savettes. Sorry I haven’t blogged as much recently its been a mixture of things don’t want you all getting fed up of reading about the Savettes and not much has changed till I sit down and think about it then I realise it has.

I am still waiting for a decent appointment for Gnome’s diagnosis I mean August is a bit unrealistic. The other children are doing well, I have even got them all in to afterschool clubs. Took a bit of searching for a club for Perkie because he is autistic , hopefully we have found one he will enjoy More running back and forwards to school to pick them up but if they are happy.

We desperately need a holiday this year just a change of scenery but our finances won’t stretch to a holiday. We are sending Diva on an adventure holiday with school as we decided after all she has to put up with her brothers and sister she needs a treat. It will be good for her to try new experiences. My little girl is growing up she will start secondary school in September.

Perkie who currently attends special school ,is going to be intergrated into main stream school for 3 afternoon sessions to help him improve his social skills. He is doing so well at school except his social skills so we are trying to work on them. We are also experiencing a few more meltdowns so going to try using a visual timeline again, to help him cope with the day.

I was upset this week my step sister rang up to ask me some details do you know what she never even knew birthday, where I lived or anything how sad is that? On the plus side everything is going so well I have a new website which I absolutely love, #specialsaturday is a new blogging meme to raise awareness is taking off.

The Land Of Me

If you’re looking for a video game that’s interactive and at the same time is educational then look no further than The Land Of Me this is such a great interactive storybook designed for children aged 2-6 years old.

This game is split up into 6 chapters, where each chapter can be purchased and downloaded. I would personally download the chapters without the children being about as it does take quite a while and they could get bored. Each of the chapters covers a specific subject as shapes, size .dance and rhythm, storytime . How you use the chapters is up to you I used it to help them with their learning especially of shapes and colours. There are 3 characters that the children can identify with. Buddy Boo the bear, Eric the racoon, Willow the owl

This game is great and it has soothing music in the background and great graphics. What I personally like about this is that game was devised with special needs and autistic children in mind, which for me as a mum to autistic /special needs children is a big bonus. I have lost count of the computer games we have bought and won’t play with as they are too noisy, too crowded etc. This game is great because it has a rigid 3 choices per chapter so the children know there are always 3 choices, as autistic children work on routine. Another think that helped my children were they were able to identify but not always understand the character’s feelings.

Another thing I loved about The land of Me there are lots of extras you can use and do as well , such as 100 printable activities to perfect for a rainy day such as puzzles and masks to make. There are also videos to download of the animals in their natural habitat.

So come and take a look at the free download of the first chapter and tell you your not hooked.

Gnome’s Temper Tantrum

For all my new readers hello and welcome, I want to share a bit about Gnome. He has mobility problems and is unable to sit and stand . As to why , well that’s yet to be diagnosed.

Today he has been a foul mood , nothing has pacified him, he constantly screamed, which gets me down as there is no let up in it. I could see earlier today how this evening was going to pan out, well I thought I did. After a major temper tantrum his dad was picking him up to put him on his knee. When it happened……….

Gnome in his temper put 2 feet FIRMLY on the floor he put his feet to the ground. This is the first time since he was born he is now 14 months. My baby boy stood for a few seconds. That certainly makes up for the rotten day

Why ?

All weekend its been question after question I know all children do this and I was a master at keeping the why questions going but it is so annoying, when a child goes on and on with the same questions it’s all do with quirks of autism.

Here are a few examples,

“Mummy, why can I walk on the road, when I’m not allowed on the road ?”

“Mummy, why do you say upstairs to bed ?” it’s up the stairs.

“Mummy, why do I have days off school at the weekend “, when you tell me I have to go to school as I am not having a day off?

“Mummy, why can’t you go down that road because it says shut when there are cars coming down it.

“Mummy, why does the beach say shut even though there are cars and diggers on it”, it’s not shut is it?

Now my turn to ask why?

Gnome “why don’t you sleep at night “, but you can happily sleep in the car

Pinkie and Perkie, “Why can you clean up at school and be the cleaning monitor? “, yet you think its ok to trash your rooms !!

Diva “why when I ask you to take the clean clothes upstairs, you let Pinkie and Perkie throw them all over the floor instead of putting them away ?”

Gnome “why do you constantly scream, but as soon as your Dad comes home from work you shut up ?”

To the parents in the playground ” Why do you ignore me, why don’t you just talk to me. I know I am a bit strange having several heads but everyone is different in their own way.

REMINDER >>>> Can I remind people the blog is moving and changing its name . Its now the Savette Gazette thank you . I hope you will come and follow me on my new site

Savvy’s Blog Is Moving

Twitter as you know is a great place to connect with people and great media outlet for a blogger, its gets your message/news out to a lot of people. Since I have been blogging which isn’t really that long as I only started in July 2010, I have met a lot of wonderful people. In particular a group of the most kindest generous people I have ever met so I would like to mention and thank



Bath Marketing

TPB media

The Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes from a blog into a web site. Yes you read right these lovely people have all been part of making a new website, giving me a new domain and hosting the website, which they all have kindly donated to me.

So The Trials and Tribulations of the Savettes will be known as the SAVETTE GAZETTE which is at http:// www.savette.com . So if you want to come and follow me on my new venture please feel free and thank you to all your support as a reader of the blog

What do you think to the new name ?