18 july 2010

I was hoping for a quiet day but no how wrong I was . It all went wrong when I asked my 9 year old to clean her bedroom you think I had asked her to some impossible task, well I suppose the state her bedroom was, it was impossible.

Then Pinkie and Perkie decided to their usual tag team act. I was trying to get the living room tidied after they had trashed it last night. As we have yet another visit from another professional working with Pinkie and Perkie. At the moment we have that many meetings and appointments I think we are averaging about 4 a week . Giving us no time to do anything else.

Anyway back to the antics Perkie decided to play on the computer he plays on google street map, think he must know every street in the uk. Pinkie decides she wants to play Big and Small cue world war 3. We had screaming, throwing things all because they won’t share. Then we had the usual back door being slammed and more screaming. How the baby sleeps through this I will never know.

I tried time out but they never sit on the “naughty ” step for more than a few seconds. So I banned Perkie from the computer, that is like his life line so he gets upset and knows he has done wrong when he gets banned. Pinkie nothing seems to work with her, we have tried different strategies not found the right one yet. I sent her into  the garden for a few minutes till she had stopped screaming. Then set about delegating her jobs I have found that she works better if you give her exact and precise instructions.

Its now mid afternoon all is quiet, Pinkie fast asleep on the settee, she has no stamina( not her fault its her condition). Perkie merrily playing on the x-box , oldest daughter just sat on her bed looking at her messy room. There are a 101 jobs I could be doing but just have no energy .


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