Hi first of all I would like to introduce myself. I am Wendy I am married with 4 children. I have a 9 year old daughter ,  5 year old boy (perkie) , 4 year old girl(pinkie), and a baby boy who is  6 months

Pinkie is 4  diagnosed with global underdevelopment which basically means that she has the mentally and capability of a child much younger. In Pinkie’s case it is running at roughly a 2-3 year old. Then there is Perkie, now Perkie was diagnosed as autistic at 3 years old. He currently attends a special school as integrated into main-stream school once a week .

We work very strictly to a timeline, this really helps as autistic children need a constant routine. Any changes to the daily routine like trips out are planned well in advance, with the help of visual aids(pictures) of the place . I keep showing them the picture just to let them know whats going on and then we have a countdown calender to show them when it will happen.


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