19th July

Was woken up to high pitch scream it was Perkie going to be sick, for some reason he always screams like a wild banshee before he is ill. Perkie is an absolute nightmare when he is ill because he can’t tell you how he is feeling it is literally all guess-work. Rang up school to let them know he wouldn’t be in today. I want to get him better as he is going on a school trip to a farm tomorrow and he really wants to go.

He is sat on the settee watching Monsters v’s Aliens again, I think he must know every word in that film the amount of times he has seen it. Thats the thing with autistic children they watch something over and over again. I have loads of housework to do but can’t as I am busy looking after Perkie and my little Gnome (the baby). Little Gnome seems to be in a right grumpy mood today think he is teething cue another stressful day

Oh how right I was, do you know that we try to look like we are coping but sometimes like today we are crumbling miserably. I try to laugh my feelings off, but today I feel so down, fed up and very despondent as well. Had a phone call from one of the authorities we are having a dispute with, just say the outcome wasn’t in our favour. This is one of the times I wish my granddad was still alive, I used to chat to him about everything , he was my sounding board. I don’t know if anyone is reading this but I enjoy writing it.


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