20th JULY

I am not going to write about what is going on today . Instead I am going to write what life is like for our family.

The biggest thing I soon found out this was even before the kids were diagnosed. That people tended to avoid me, why I just don’t know. I know when the kids had melt-downs which at that time was constant screaming and head banging, people would just look and stare at you and give you a look as if to say those kids are so naughty. No-one offered to help, talk or anything I was left on my own. The best example was I was doing the school run, it was pouring of rain I had perkie walking and pinkie in a buggy, Perkie decided that he didn’t want to walk anymore and just sat down in the middle of a main road. Now people could see that I was struggling with him , did they help no they just beeped their horns and shouted at me. I remember sobbing as I walked home and couldn’t wait to get home and shut the outside world away.

Now a days it is pretty much the same, most of my friends deserted me, they wouldn’t be want to be seen with me . Me and my kids are an embarrassment to them. I have learnt to just get on with things. At times it is hard because you sometimes you just need the emotional support of your friends. I have a few online friends who have been my rock, but at times it would be nice to just sit and have a natter over a coffee. Its like where I live the kids never get asked to play and do you know what it really upsets me that they get isolated like this. At the end of the day it is all due to peoples’ ignorance of autism/special needs. Take Perkie yes Perkie has got autism but thats only part of him the other part, is a very loving, polite little boy that doesn’t understand why the kids won’t say hello to him when he talks to them.There are several more ways you have to change your life but for now I will leave that to a later date.


6 responses to “20th JULY

  1. yolanda barker

    Have you gone to parent groups for kids with special needs. Just wondered if the parents are more tolerant. I know EXACTLY how you feel as I used to have similiar problems.

    Has he made friends at school. Its hard when you dont actually take them ect as you dont meet the mums.

    good luck

    • Thank you for your comment. I have been to a special needs playgroups yes they are more understanding, its just difficult getting the kids there as I don’t drive.

      In reply to your question as he made friends yes he has but because he attends special school there are no after school get to togethers. Once a month the school run a coffee morning for the parents to get together to do courses. I have met some of the parents that way but we have never met up out of school.

  2. Hi Savvy, great to read your blog, maybe great isnt the right word as todays blog was very touching and made me emotional. Looking forward to hearing more. x

  3. Catrina Shackleton

    Makes me so sad to hear how you are treated cos it’s just not fair! If only people weren’t so ignorant and were more tolerant, they too would get to see that loving little boy! Are you in touch with your local Autistic Support Group? Have you joined the National Autistic Soceity? Both may be able to put you in tough with parents with Autstic children who may be feeling as lonely as you are!

    I’m glad you’ve managed to find some online support, it must be very lonely and isolating for you at home all the time and nobody to just have a chat with!

    I think you’re a fab mum and it would make me so happy if someone just took the time to get to know you and your kids and see how lovely they are, xx

    • Thank-you so much for your kind words. I am a member of the NAS but the local groups are 20 miles away, unfortunately because I don’t drive I am unable to get to the meetings.

      My online friends on http://www.totz2teens.co.uk are fantastic they have been a great support for me. It does get very lonely at times, thats why I chat so much online although these last few weeks not felt like chatting.

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