21st July

I’m feeling really fed up and despondent today had most of the kids ill, some bug going round and my lot have caught it. Also hubby has not been well for the last few days, he has been off work, now for hubby to be off he has to be ill.

Anyway he went to the doctor’s and he has a viral infection and been told to just rest, now in our household that is neigh on impossible. He has been told to take it day by day and been warned that he could feel worse, something else to look forward to.

Had to cancel all the appointments which is not a bad thing as had too many this week anyhow. Also tried to book a day out for the kids and me but again thats another thing thats gone wrong,  because I couldn’t get to the school where they were setting off from we couldn’t go . There is no way on this earth I am taking 4 kids on public transport, I’m not prepared to put up with the agro. My blood pressure is high enough without any of that, plus Pinkie and perkie wouldn’t cope.   We have had to cancel our holiday due to appointments, plus I  think its for the best at the moment the way things are working out, still doesn’t stop me being disappointed.

Going to sit down these next few days and devise a timetable for the next 6 weeks otherwise without any structure and routine the kids are going to go mad. Also will have to think about finding the relevant PECS to back up the time-lines.


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