22nd July School / Home 2 different worlds

I have found that with autistic children that they compartmentalize parts of their life. One never over laps the other, which makes life even more difficult for the parents at times.

Take toilet training Perkie has really sussed toilet training at school but when it comes to home he is not intrested in the slightest, so its like having to retrain him all over again. Then when we go out we have to start the whole process again as in his  mind it is 3 different places.

Also when it comes to play its the same, in his school book the teacher will say he has played with water, done messy play etc . When it comes to home he won’t do any of this. He has such sensory issues that he hates certain textures on his hands or detests certain smells. It like when he said he played with a certain wooden puzzle at school I looked everywhere for the exact same thing would he play with Nope he wouldn’t even entertain it.

Like I said home and school 2 different worlds, ceratinly going to make it tricky later on in life, especially when he comes home with homework how will I explain that !!!!!!!


2 responses to “22nd July School / Home 2 different worlds

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    Can the school give you any advice about introducing the same activities and how the potty training works for them? Do they have an Outreach support worker that could offer you (as a family) some help with getting him to access similar things at home to school?

    • The school have sent home a book they get their activities from, so we are going to work on them. The toilet training they have given me the stragergies they use, like PECs to say when he is ready to go toilet as well as taking him at regular intervals, so going to try that over the summer for them both. Perkie’s school work really well with me, they are always there to offer advice, which I am very grateful for.

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