Last Day of School OMG!!!! Then It’s All Change

Yesterday Pinkie left nursery for good, at the moment she is coping very well but I am sure we are going to get the backlash from this later on. I was very disappointed at the nursery they never said good-bye to her or gave us any of her work that she has done during the year. Needless to say Little Gnome WON’T be going there, not impressed at all.

On the flip side I am really impressed with Pinkie’s new school,they have gone out of their way to compile a book so that she can look through it at her leisure and understand the new places and faces she will meet in her first year of school. It is a main stream school and they are taking Pinkie on through a scheme called Action Plus which gives her more help. The book is fab it has pictures of absolutely everything Pinkie will need from the picture of her coat hook with her name to hall she will play in. Plus pictures of any staff that will deal with her even the caretaker is included -well thought out.

Perkie today went to school absolutely buzzing he is so on a high, I think a trip to the sensory room will be on the cards today to calm him down. I am trying to set up his room as a sensory room so that he has somewhere to calm down and have some HIM time. He has pictures of his new class and teachers as well so that we can go through it over the summer and he can sort of get used to the idea of the change of class and teacher. Although next year the headmaster of his school has already said that Perkie will be hopefully integrated into the mainstream school  next door for half a week , then special school for the other half. This will be only if he copes ok with the mainstream school.


2 responses to “Last Day of School OMG!!!! Then It’s All Change

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    There are going to be some major changes in your household aren’t there? I’m glad that Pinkies new school are taking on board all that you’ve told them by producing a social story for her, I hope that she settles well when she starts!

    Perkie sounds like he’s going to love mainstream and I hope all goes well for him in the new term. Seems like a long way off right now I suspect!

    • It does seem a long way off but I know that it will soon pass, I have the summer to prepare him for the next school year and then 2 years to get him ready for mainstream. With help from the school I think he will manage ok.

      Oh pinkie can’t wait to start school at the minute

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