First day of school holidays what a day

Well you can tell it is first day of school holidays kids are liked a coiled spring that been let lose. They have been absolutely bouncing today. Nothing I tried has calmed them down.

I tried tidying up after Pinkie had trashed the room last night. I got all the paperwork together was just going to put it away when Pinkie got hold of it and threw it every where then Perkie decided that he wanted the back door shut even though it was stifling, then little Gnome joined in with the chaos it was like a comedy of errors. I didn’t know who to sort out first.

This afternoon I had a visit from a support worker to see how I was getting on. My answer ” I’m not ” as the kids sat down as good as gold and quiet as mice. It was hard to believe that 20 minutes previous they were causing havoc. Anyway true to form Pinkie couldn’t hold it together and started playing up. She was promptly put on the naughty step which she kept getting off, just like super nanny says, it didn’t work she wouldn’t sit still. The threat to take her favourite cartoon channel off the telly did work, she sat on the step for 4 minutes.

Anyway visitor went kids started playing up, hubby came home said he would take them for a drive, (they like to see the trains), only if they calmed down. It was magic they all sat had a drink got into the car without a sound.

The drive seem to have some magic affect on them because once they had come back from it they were so calm and chilled out > we must have a magic car


4 responses to “First day of school holidays what a day

  1. Nice to know that you have a magic car but if i want on where can i get it 😀

  2. Catrina Shackleton

    Bless them…don’t you just hate it when they play up until you really need them too! Kids huh? This magic car sounds like heaven, it would be fantastic if you could learn to drive! I know you don’t have much time but, I wonder if it’s something you’ve looked into for yourself, it could be the answer to many things couldn’t it? With the getting to support group meetings and for those times when only the “magic car” ride will work.

    • I have actually been thinking about learning to drive, there are so many meetings and appointments I could go to. Family fund have said in previous years that they would pay for my driving lessons, maybe this is the year to take it up. Yes I could have a “magic car ” how good would that be.

      • yeah get a magic car! lol go for it learning to drive is one of the best things ever! :0)

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