For my next challenge

I am going to take on schools admissions. Pinkie is meant to be starting school in September on a part time basis but I would love her to go straight in full time. I really don’t  think she would cope being part-time then go full time. She works better with a strict routine.

I asked her paediatrician is she would write a letter to back this up and guess what a letter arrived yesterday from the paediatrician, stating that she feels Pinkie would benefit more going full time. So all I have to do know is compile my letter and get it sent off.

Then wait and see what they say …………………………………


3 responses to “For my next challenge

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    Thats FAB that you have the Paediatrician on your side. It may mean that Pinkie has to start a week or 2 later, is she a summer baby? Would she be one of the last to go full time?? It would be beneficial if all the other children were all in full time wouldn’t it? That way there is no change of faces and they will all be following the same routine, i.e. no children leaving to go home at lunch time cos they are part time, that could upset her even if it’s not on her time table to go home, it may confuse her. Worth first writing to the school and perhaps asking for a meeting to discuss how they feel would work best, remember you’re her mum and you know what upsets her routine. Good for you though being so pro-active this early on in the summer hols, x

  2. Yes she was born in April so would be one of the last to go full time. I think they miss out on so much when they go part-time. I have heard that this staggering the part timers could change and that they all start the same time. Which I feel would be better for the kids.

    We had a key workers meeting at the school before the summer holidays and told them all about Pinkie. SENCO have already got strategies in place for her and her teacher is doing various reward charts for Pinkie as well.As regards school and Pinkie going full time, they are all for it and back me 100% , the head actually feels that Pinkie would benefit more being in a regular routine and would say that to school admissions if need be.
    thank-you for your comments

  3. Catrina Shackleton

    I’m so glad that the school are singing from your song sheet!! Your Pinkie sounds so much like the little charge that I look after and the reward system works eventually once they realise that this is how it is going to be! When I look back on how the behaviour was when we started back last September, although she hasn’t moved on much academically, socially and behaviour wise, she has moved mountains, good luck and hope you manage to get what you think is right for Pinkie, x

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