A Day of Mixed Emotions

Well today has certainly been a roller coaster of emotions for me. It all started this morning.

We went to yet another appointment this time to the occupational therapist, when we arrived the speech and language therapist was also there. That means one less appointment which is good , getting fed up with the amount of appointments.

They reviewed Pinkie and the outcome was she is doing really well , which is always good news.Whilst we were there we got talking about Little Gnome I mentioned that he doesn’t put his feet down to stand he stands on his tip toes. Then we were talking about the similarities between Little Gnome and Perkie at the same age. Then alarm bells starting ringing, ” are you concerned about anything ” I was asked. Well yes I am concerned, that he is just like is older brother. Now maybe this is nothing to worry about or I may have been blessed with another special angel only time will tell. So now Little Gnome has been referred to all the agencys so the roller coaster ride starts again.

Then this afternoon Pinkie had her developmental skills test, again she has done quite well, which I am really pleased about. The conversation swung round to Little Gnome again , it has been suggested we by-pass the doctors and get Little Gnome  straight to the paediatrician. I have always hoped that we wouldn’t have to go through all this again oh well here we go again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


4 responses to “A Day of Mixed Emotions

  1. You might have to go through it again I know that you will manage

  2. It will pay off in the long run to have these test done now and not wait till the problem really starts to show itself. Your a wonderful mother and so right to bring up your fears now & not wait till later. Have a good day Wendy

  3. Catrina Shackleton

    What a day for you all!! Savvy, you know that whatever the outcome for little gnome, you will cope and you will be so far ahead this time having gone through all the trials and tribulations “blind” with pinkie and perkie, you know the system and you know what your little gnome deserves. Should he not turn out to have any of the difficulties that they have, there is no harm in early assessment, the earlier these things are picked up, the better for you all to put strategeies in place and you know how much of a battle you had with the others. Fingers crossed they are just being over-cautious but, it is the better situation to be in than being left in the dark worrying and wondering “what if”!

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