Interesting Development

Well today has certainly been an interesting one. We had an appointment with the geneticist from Guy’s Hospital in London. She informed us that Pinkie and Perkie have a chromosome imbalance x3 . They have inherited this from me , it has now been given  its offical name . She also went on to say that it is a contributing factor to the kids development, speech and language, behavioural delays. For some bizarre reason it never affected me.

Now we know what we are working with , all professional bodies that work with us are being informed. So that they can come up with new strategies of how to work and deal with Pinkie and Perkie. Little Gnome is also going to be tested so that we can put strategies in place if needed.

Mr Savvy and I are very happy as it has answered a lot of our questions and the biggest bonus is that there is no underlying health worries.

The next time we will meet with the geneticist is when Perkie is 14 years old.


One response to “Interesting Development

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    WOW Fab news and answers a lot of your questions! How strange that it “skipped” you, did any other family members from your generation or previous have similar?

    Good that they will now get the support that they need and little gnome will be very lucky as all this has taken place before he “may” even produce any of the signs, if at all.

    Hope it’s put your mind a little more at ease, x

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