What a difference a year makes

Talking to the geneticist yesterday, she mentioned how much the kids have changed since she last saw them a year ago.

It got me thinking, that I don’t really notice how much they have come on in a year. Here is a brief run down of all the differences.

Perkie first well

a year ago he couldn’t talk, he used to scream for hours on end which I now realise was due to him not being able to communicate with us.

He couldn’t he used to be so disruptive and not sit still when  we had appointments now he will just sit quietly while we wait.

He couldn’t instigate any sort of play now he chooses the games and gets everyone else to play .

He is now a whizz kid on the x-box and computer

Pinkie well this time last year she could hardly walk, now goes up and down stairs in a scary way, still one step at a time.

She was unable to talk at all now is quite good at talking a bit too loud at times. Nursery told her to use a loud voice, which she does all the time now.

Still has her screaming sessions not as bad as they used to be but bad enough.

Its sometimes nice to just sit and think about how far the kids have come on. I have found that due to their problems they seem to learn masses and then stop and the learn loads all in one go again. I ‘ve a feeling this is how it will be from now on. The quirks of autism


2 responses to “What a difference a year makes

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    It’s amazing how much goes unnoticed by us as parents but, for others say who don’t see the kiddies regularly, it’s far more noticeable which is good!!

    It’s nice to think about all the positives as it’s too easy to get stuck looking at the negatives and they drag us down, you’re doing a great job as they are all making progress, well done x

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