Sensory Issues

This morning I was woken up by Pinkie she was scratching her head quite severly at first I thought she had some little friends but it wasn’t. She scratches her head when she is nervous, anxious or generally unhappy. I took her and washed her hair with plenty of conditioner to ease the uncomfortable feeling. I have noticed this last two weeks that sensory issues have really reared their head. She has become very weepy, scratching her head and developed an awful high pitch scream.

Not sure whats causing all this nothing has changed apart from when she had her MMR jab a month ago. I know they say there is no link to the MMR jab and autism/autistic traits but it is funny that all of a sudden she has changed, just like Perkie did when he had his. Also she has become very fussy at what she eats and wears . She has started to take her trousers off at the first opportunity which is so unlike her. Not really sure what is going on!!!!!!!!!!

Sensory issues are a big deal, because now it means that she won’t eat certain things because of the texture, making meal times now even more stressful. She is getting very agitated which is making her on edge all the time causing massive meltdowns, that last for hours. Clothes she will only wear certain things and throws a complete strop if I won’t let her wear what she wants. For example she wanted to go out in her thick winter coat today even though it was quite warm.

Also I would just like to thanks to all that read this blog it means a lot, thank-you for your support xxxxxx


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