Day from hell

Just don’t know what is going on with the kids, they are so destructive, argumentative, violent towards each other and me. I have lost count of the bite marks from Pinkie, I read somewhere that biting in some cultures is a sign of affection,I’m not sure in Pinkie’s case. I think she is out to hurt me and she always gets me when I am busy and can’t defend myself. As for destroying things , it seems that they are going through a very destructive stage; so far, they ruined the trampoline by pulling all the matting to shreds, they have broke a few of my dolphin ornaments which I was very upset about as they were sentimental. Yesterday they went on the rampage and broke all my flower pots and threw the flowers everywhere. I can’t really tell them off but I can take things away from them like their channels on sky I have locked them all………….. I’m such a cruel mum lol

I am feeling so down and so tired of it all. I have lost  my oomph its all gone. All I seem to be getting from the kids are days from hell and I hate it. The health visitor says that I need a break from looking after the kids, mmmmmm thats easier said than done. We don’t get any respite at all.

I don’t know what to do with the kids, we do activities and go out through the day, then they go and do something like this sometimes I wonder WHY DO I BOTHER!!!!!!!!


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