Thinking out of the box

I have found with autistic children that sometimes the obvious solution is not the right route to take and that you have to think out of the box for the solution.

For example Perkie would never have a bath without me fighting with him and he would certainly never sit in the bath. Its all  to do with his sensory issues he has a lot of problems with different textures and smells. To the extent now that we can only use certain air fresheners otherwise it sends him into a frenzied state. Anyway back to the  dilemma he wouldn’t have a bath without constant screaming , kicking. I had to think of a way to get him to have a bath without any of this performance.

Then the answer suddenly came to me but of course its not the bath thats the problem maybe, just maybe its the bathroom, there could be a certain smell that he doesn’t like. Of course he can’t tell me so its all down to guess work. So the solution was where to bath him  .Now I realised the bathroom was the cause. So I got his baby brother’s baby bath filled it up and put it in  the living room. Guess what he got straight in, no kicking, screaming nothing, he even let me wash his hair without any fuss. RESULT.

Now he will gladly play outside in the paddling pool which last year was so unheard of he wouldn’t even get his feet wet.

Now I have to think out of the box about decorating his bedroom. He has chosen the paint colours for his room , nice bright colours but now we have to get him used to the idea of the walls in his room will be changing colour. Its not as simple as just putting the paint on the walls and say here’s your new room > it all has to be done at Perkie’s pace. If any of you reading this blog have any suggestions how to get him used to the idea, it would be greatly appreciated, I just can’t seem to find the solution.


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