Grey and Gloomy

That isn’t a statement just about the weather, its how it has been today in the savvy household.

The weather was so miserable today even on the sunshine coast so the kids had to  stay in all day . Pinkie and perkie held it all together until dinner time then major melt down time. It was like a switch and they just started acting so irrational and erractic.  They were running up and down the stairs, screaming being destructive not even the threat of a cold shower worked today. It was almost as if they acting like caged animals is maybe the best way to describe it.

Also this afternoon pinkie came out with a few choice words f off was one of them. Talk about the terrible 2’s and 4 years old. By the way she didn’t hear it from us because we never swear or use anything like that. Our favourite saying is shuuuuuuuttttt uuuuuup lol. Not sure where she has picked it up from but hopefully she will forget it and not use it again. I was gob smacked when she said it and did my best not to laugh. I did sit and tell her it was a very naughty word and she wasn’t to use it again.

Then to top this afternoon off nicely I had to take Little Gnome to the doctors for his injections. Which  wasn’t just one nope it was 3. He was sat babbling away to the nurse then she got him with the first injection. He carried on babbling to her, then she did the next injection, by the third injection he.wouldn’t talk to her and gave her quite a look of disdain.

So not only have we got Pinkie and Perkie running riot, we now have Little Gnome all sullen and grumpy. perfect mix to a perfect day.

The only solution now is to take them all in the car to look for trains to calm them down and hopefully wait for them to fall asleep. After a blast of Hannah Montana  and crew and a good old sing song, they arrived back home all nice and calm. Roll on bedtime and thats another story.


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