Little Gnome

Today I am  going to talk about Little Gnome and share my concerns. I will give you a bit of Little Gnome’s background first. Just before Christmas I was admitted into hospital whilst expecting Little Gnome with pre-eclampsia/eclampsia meaning my blood pressure was sky high.Anyway, on the 4 th January we were sent for a scan to see how well he was growing. We got the news that parents dread saying he had stopped growing and that they were concerned. That night my blood pressure went dangerously high. Next day doctor came round said that Little Gnome wasn’t happy, wasn’t growing so they would bring the caesarean forward. Little Gnome was born the 6th January and he was 4 weeks early.

Now the fact he was born 4 weeks early makes a big difference as regards his development. Bearing this in mind I still have major concerns about him. It all started off fine he rolled at 11 weeks which was great, he was babbling. Then it all stopped, he was admitted into hospital in May with Bronchiolitis for a week. Then all of a sudden he changed. He wouldn’t roll anymore in fact he hates being on his belly.

At his 6 month check he passed it all with flying colours in fact his developmental age was at 8 months then there was a BUT…….. that dreaded word. The but was the health visitor had concerns that he wouldn’t hold his head up whilst lying on his belly or that he wouldn’t attempt to roll over.

We went to one of our many appointments with the kids, when our SALT ( speech and language therapist) was asking how Little Gnome was doing I told her what the Health Visitor had said . The SALT asked to look at Little Gnome and she went to stand him on her legs, thats when she noticed he wouldn’t put his feet down at all.

The next thing I knew was” would you like a referral for Little Gnome to seen ” , “yes ” I replied better to see if there is anything wrong now rather than later.

My concerns are:

He won’t roll over or even play on the floor he doesn’t like it.

He won’t stand at all he keeps his legs bent up.

He won’t sit up and still his legs are bent.

He hasn’t got full control of his head.

Not too keen on toys only likes certain ones.

Very fussy with textures and taste will only eat certain things, mostly rice pudding.

Hasn’t mastered sleeping at night, he usually awake twice a night. Always gets daddy up around 4-5 am to take him downstairs.

So something somewhere is not quite right………………………………………..


2 responses to “Little Gnome

  1. Hi, I just wanted to say to try not to worry ahead of time too much (I know that is far easier said than done as this is your precious child). It is great that he is being referred and investigated early and then if he needs any extra help that can be got but so many prem babies just take a little while to catch up and often by 12/18 months they are exactly the same stage as a term baby.

    My girls were born at 37 weeks but this presented no problem for them but having twins I have so many friends whose babes were born from 24 weeks onwards and now they are all mostly 3 or coming on 4 there is no difference with their development.

    I hope all goes well, Mich x

    • Thank-you very much for your comment. Yes hopefully he will catch up but I think they are being over cautious with the family’s history as he older is autistic and his youngest sister is special needs of globally underdeveloped with autistic traits.

      But given time he might catch up I agree, thank-you x

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