Military Operation… Airshow

I am so lucky to live by the sea, well in fact it is 5 minutes away. Every year we have an annual airshow which is on for 4 days. Well seeming how we didn’t get to go on holiday, we had to cancel our holiday to Blackpool, due to the kids having important appointments. We decided that it would be a good idea to go and sit on the beach and watch the airshow as both Mr Savvy and I love air displays.

So off we trundled with our pop up beach tent for another day’s entertainment and I’m not just talking about the air display. We find a perfect quiet spot on the beach away from all the crowds. The kids were very excitable to say the least. Now this trip wasn’t an off the cuff , spur of the moment trip Nope this trip has taken 2 months to sort out. It all started with showing Perkie pictures of planes and the beach, almost making a social story out of them. Then explaining to him that there would be lots of noise, showing him videos of air displays so that he could get used to the different noises. Then taking him down to the beach so that he could get used to the different textures, smells and noises.

Why can’t we go straight out instead of having to plan everything in advance, simple autistic children and children on the ASD spectrum can’t do or cope with change. They like a strict routine, almost like a military operation. I would love to live Pinkie and Perkie’s life for one day to maybe get an insight to see how they perceive things because I am sure it won’t be anything like we do.

Oh yes we did enjoy the show it was great. Perkie had his ear defenders on but  was shaking like a gibbering wreck when the F16 went on full after-burners even though Little Gnome was sat there enthralled babbling away. We were other Peoples’ entertainment as well as we told Pinkie to stop throwing stones and threatened to chuck some water over her if she didn’t. The other spectators thought it was highly amusing. Just wonder what they would have done if they were in my shoes……………….


4 responses to “Military Operation… Airshow

  1. Excellent blog post. I’m glad you all had a good day. A lot of prep goes into a family outing for you, something many of us take for granted.

    Looking forward to your next blog post!

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