To sleep or Not to Sleep

Sleep for Pinkie and Perkie has always been a big problem, must say its a lot better than it was . I have lot count of the times we have sat up till 2-3 am because they were screaming and just couldn’t switch off to go to sleep.

I must admit that it has got better these last few years and they do go to sleep at around 10pm ish. I know its late but they have this thing that they won’t go to sleep till its dark. Another autistic quirk as they also insist on getting up as soon as it gets light.

We are currently going to a sleep clinic to see if we can sort this problem out. Also the next issue to tackle is to get them to sleep in their own beds. It was so much easier to let them sleep with us that it has become a habit, now they are getting bigger there is no room in the bed.

I really don’t know how to crack the sleeping problem, I have tried all sorts like social stories, lay next to them till I thought they were asleep only to for them to pop up 5 minutes later and then having to repeat it all again.

Little Gnome has started the fun and games with not sleeping. It’s not unusual  to be with up with him twice a night for hours on end. he hasn’t seemed to master daytime and nighttime. Then he gets his dad up at around 4.00am to sit and watch telly downstairs.

I am really at a loss as what to do next, how do I get them to sleep at a reasonable hour. Mr Savvy and me have been working on auto-pilot for so long, we would so love to  have a good night’s sleep. Please just one night so I can recharge my batteries,please.


2 responses to “To sleep or Not to Sleep

  1. I’m no expert, and I know there’s a million different ‘options’ and 999,999 won’t work… so keep trying to find that one.
    In my case, I worked it out to 2 things… one is black out curtains and the other is white noise.

    I believe that children with autism can’t block out the world around them even while sleeping and so they scream or ‘act crazy’ when they should be sleeping because they are simply trying to drown out the world.

    As I said, I’m not expert so I could just be grasping at straws but it has worked for us. No light, no noise but the white noise and now my boy sleeps through the night and doesn’t wake up early anymore.

    • I think you have made a very valid point and you may just have something there, that the screams and everything is due to them not shutting the world out. So of course the darker the room, should help shut it out for a while a least.

      Thanks so much I have never looked at it that way before

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