Can’t see the wood for the trees

Do you ever get to the stage where you are plodding on with every day life almost as if your on automatic pilot. I’m not talking about being in a rut, what I am talking about you just plod along nicely with everyday life. That is what I have been doing this last couple of weeks, just plodding not really noticing whats around me. Almost as if I’m in my own little bubble.

Imagine how an autistic child feels stuck in this almost safe world, then all of a sudden we subject them to all these new sensations, feelings ( which they are unable to comprehend ) and expect them to get on with it and manage. Then we wonder why they scream, shout and fight. To them this world is alien and they are find it difficult to live in it.

We try all these different strategies to get them to accept the world but sometimes for what ever reason the strategy fails then you are left with a very frightened , unsure child. For weeks I have been feeling very unsure, despondent about things but do you know what, why ? why worry I can’t change what ever is in store for me so why worry.

I think what I am trying to say instead of trying to change autistic children to fit into society, why not start learning about them. I really believe they have so much to offer and that I have been blessed with my special angels for a reason. Time to start seeing the wood instead of the trees


4 responses to “Can’t see the wood for the trees

  1. Well, did you get Marley? LOL Now your committed. I thought that was cute. Very nicely done and good info. I think your right in not trying to make the kids conform to us and for us to learn about their world. If only more people would educate themselves to the world of the Dis-abled and Autistic children the world would be so much better. I think most people think Ignorance is bliss but it’s not.
    Your doing alot of people a great service Wendy with your blog and keep up the good work. I do miss out pool games though. LOL But that’s OK. Take care of the angels in your life because that is what they are and they deserve the best….

    • Thanks for your comments Steve. No we haven’t got Marley yet thats still to be sorted out lol
      Just trying to get the message of autism across thats the purpose of the blog and it is helping me write it all down.

  2. hi savvy

    i went to a seminar by phoebe caldwell and she has a similar outlook that we should be trying to go into their world rather than dragging them into ours. she has written quite a few books too here’s here website. :0) xx

    • Hi Wendy thanks so much for your comment. I really do feel autistic children can’t cope in our world at times. Will definitely have a look at the website thank x

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