Expect the unexpected

I have learnt that with autistic children you should always expect the unexpected and last night was a classic example.

Let me briefly tell you why what happened last night that was so unexpected. For 5 years Pinkie and Perkie have always slept in our bed. This stemmed from when we lived in a small 2 bed terrace house and their beds were right next to ours, they would crawl into our bed until it just became a routine. Then last year we was lucky enough to get a big 3 bed townhouse, so we hoped that Pinkie and Perkie would sleep in their own rooms. We tried everything to get them into their own rooms but no, nothing worked they still slept with us, well that was until last night……….

Pinkie fell asleep on the settee and we put her in her bed, where she slept ALL night. Alright it is not ideal that she had to fall asleep on the settee first but at least it is a start. I have promised her a new doll if she sleeps in her room all the time.

Perkie went to sleep on his own in HIS bed, do you what the key factor was to all this. I gave Perkie a cuddly toy that I had when I was a child and said to him it would keep him safe. RESULT he slept in his room no problems, long may this continue.

Always expect the unexpected


One response to “Expect the unexpected

  1. I’ve always believed that you must do what works. It is about time they slept in their own beds but do understand the situation. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that your able to continue this progress with both of them… Have a great weekend Wendy

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