Taking Things Literally

One of the quirks of autism is that they take things literally. You have to be careful what you say around them. Like the other day I said to Perkie “let’s keep an eye out for the planes”, so the question was “why do I need to take my eye out, I’m watching the planes”. I explained it was just a saying but he didn’t understand.

Anyway back to taking things literally film makers don’t understand the impact they make on children. Here is a classic example and one that I am finding hard to explain. We watched the film Marley and me in fact we have seen it a few times now.

Guess what’s coming, yes its

” Can I have a Marley?” Then it was

“dad can we go to the pet farm, to get a Marley”.

I have actually been thinking about getting dog as I think it would be good for them, for pat therapy. So stupid me said ” When you both start sleeping in your bed, then we will get a Marley ”

Well this morning they got up and said “I slept in my bed, let’s go to the pet farm to get Marley”

When will I learn to think about what I say.

Thank goodness it wasn’t Marmaduke we watched, that doesn’t bear thinking about hahaha


2 responses to “Taking Things Literally

  1. my son’s like this too. When I say certain things I have to explain to him why I said that. In fact I find myself explaining a lot of things. The other day he said to me “I don’t understand life” – what could I say?! Many quirks, but nice to know we are not alone. Thanks for sharing.


    • I know what could you say , interesting question as well don’t you think?.

      Thank-you for your lovely comment, look forward to chatting to you again

      Wendy x

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