Melt downs

I want to talk about today about the other side of autism. You see thats the thing about autism it has so many sides to it.

Anyway a meltdown is not a tantrum the best way to describe it as a tornado. This tornado comes without warning , there is no reasoning of why it happens or how it starts. There is nothing you can do except ride it out and wait for it to calm down. This can be a few minutes to a few hours. Do you get the picture.

On Saturday Pinkie had a massive melt down. It started in the morning with her throwing things around at first I thought she was just having a tantrum. Then the tornado hit she gets quite violent when she has a meltdown. She started hitting , kicking ,biting me.I know what your thinking how can a 4 year old hurt an adult but believe me they can, they sort of seem to adopt a super strength from somewhere.

When she is having a meltdown the only thing you can really do is make sure she is safe and leave her to it. I had all things thrown at me, my mobile phone for one, I really thought she had broke it this time. Someone should design a rubber phone , so it doesn’t hurt when it gets thrown at you , lol.

I did put her in the garden to calm her down but she kept hitting her head on the glass door, so I decided that she would be safer in doors. So I hope this gives you some kind of picture to a melt down. Eventually she did calm down only because I had her physically pinned to the settee.

Its like that for however long it lasts that person has no control of what they do, they loose all sense of the world around them and they are lashing out at anything and anyone.
The meltdown’s leave the parents at their wits end and physically drained.


2 responses to “Melt downs

  1. and don’t you find it so hard trying to explain to others, (and getting them to understand!) that meltdowns are so, so very different to tantrums? Tantrums are easy to deal with, meltdown are a whole other story.
    Love your blog btw x 🙂

    • Oh I know what you mean , your stressed, your trying to calm the child down and then you get people pulling you about how your holding YOUR child. People just don’t understand meltdowns, they think its a tantrum .Peoples’ ignorance really gets to me, thats why I started to write this blog to get just one person to understand Autism.

      Thank-you for your lovely comment x

      Hope to chat you again

      wendy x

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