School Holiday Hell

When the kids broke up for the 6 weeks I knew it was going to be hard but what I didn’t realise was it was going to be this hard.

As the 6 week’s approached people were getting excited for their annual holiday me included. I was going to enjoy a week’s holiday in Manchester visiting all the old places from when I lived up there .As we weren’t going camping this year due to Little Gnome.

Well that was until we got a letter from Guy’s hospital saying the geneticist wanted to see us. So I cancelled the holiday all on the strength of this one visit, thinking it wouldn’t matter if we didn’t go away. How wrong I was.

This school holiday has been hell, the kids haven’t coped with not going to school and not having the usual daily routine. Autistic kids thrive on strict routine, they cannot in any way shape or form cope with change.

I don’t think there has been a day that the kids have been good all day or even remotely good. They have broken more things than I care to think about, it has cost a fortune to replace all the things. It seems as though they have gone on a rampage of destruction. We can’t even take them out anymore without them fighting, screaming at each other, it just so unlike them. The weather hasn’t helped being so miserable most of the time. I can’t take them far due to perkie’s mobility problems he has trouble walking any distances as his legs hurt.

I have realised this summer , that we do need an annual holiday. I need to rethink my strategys for next year because what I thought would work has failed dismally. They need the same routine or near enough to what they do at school, right down lunch times and breaks.

Right time to start looking at holiday brochures for next year


4 responses to “School Holiday Hell

  1. People don’t realise how hard it is do they? I’ve got 7 yo twins, one of whom has ASD/ ADHD (which I blog about too!) I’m glad to find your blog- Erica (Little Mummy) sent me the link to yours- you’ve manged to write absolutely loads considering it’s the summer hols- well done!! I’ll be back 🙂

    • Thank-you for your comment.

      No people don’t realise how difficult it can be, its nice to talk with people that understand what exactly you are going through.
      I have found writing this blog a great help, it helps me write down my feelings. Nice to meet you Rachel hope to chat to you again, please feel free to leave a link to your blog. Thank-you Erica 🙂

      • Hi Wendy

        One thing that I found helpful this summer was the school putting on free events for the SN kids (apparently schools can apply for a budget to do this- not sure exactly how it works, but your SEN should do it) Been an absolute godsend!!
        My blog is

        Rachel 🙂

      • Hi Rachel that was good about the school.Hopefully its given you time to recuperate a bit.

        Perkie’s school (special school ) did do play sessions but because it was too far and I don’t drive he couldn’t go. Was meant to get respite but thats never been sorted out.
        Thanks for your blog link 🙂
        wendy x

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