Things That Bother and Annoy Me

What annoys and bothers me ……………Here goes

1. It has to be people staring at someone just because a person might be slightly different for what ever reason, whether it be a limb missing, they are in a wheel-chair, they dress differently, the list goes on. Why can’t people see a person for who they are instead of judging them by appearance.

2. People parking in disabled bays when then obviously don’t need to. Then these are the same people who look at us in disgust when we park in a disabled bay. Even though we have a blue badge, just because we have young kids doesn’t mean to say they are not disabled. The amount of arguments I have had over this and the looks well don’t get me started on that we will be here all night lol

3. Parents that swear at their kids oh that really annoys me. No matter what they have done why do you feel the need to swear, there is no need for it. When you do swear young kids can hear you and they are mostly like to repeat what you say and I think its awful when kids use foul language.

4. The tuts and groans you get when the kids are “naughty” , that gets to me. No they are not “naughty” they have a condition called Autism /Special needs. Why do I always feel the need to justify their behaviour.

5. Why are health professionals so hell-bent on babies and children meeting milestones. Surely each child is different and they will do things in their time. Here is a classic example.
My son didn’t speak properly, he used his own language or constantly screamed for hours on end. We used to go for hours of speech and language therapy. Then when he started school in September was when he started to talk, it was the right time for him. A couple of months later he came home and read to me for the first time, that was definitely a lump in the throat moment. Just because someone isn’t talking doesn’t mean they are not taking the information in.

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