Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

Yesterday everything for me fitted into place like a jigsaw puzzle. First piece was that School Admissions agreed to Pinkie going full-time at school straight off instead of waiting till after Christmas. As they thought she would cope better with having a rigid routine, rather than messing about going part-time then go to full-time. So thank-you School Admissions.

Then as the day progressed more things slotted into place. The blog itself is getting a lot of recognition which is getting people more aware of autism so that is an absolute bonus. A few nice competition wins as well perfect end to a perfect day .

This then got me thinking about Perkie with his autism and how we try to get him to fit into our jigsaw but no matter how much we try to round off the edges and make him conform to our way of life, he doesn’t fit. We try all these strategies to make him conform but you know what sometimes they don’t work

I know instead of trying to make him fit into our jigsaw why not start a new one. Let’s start fitting around Perkie and all the others like him. let’s learn a bit about their world and their ways as I’m sure it will make a very interesting picture


4 responses to “Jigsaw Puzzle of Life

  1. Always brilliant at making people think out side the box – I love your blog.

    Very insightful, especially for those of us who often take too much for granted! x

  2. Thank for your lovley comment. Its comments like this that make this blog worth while. So pleased you enjoy it ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Here, here, Well done for telling it like it is ๐Ÿ™‚

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