Will She Or Won’t She Cope (Part 2)

Also titled I Can’t Do This

Pinkie’s first day at school was so full of a mixture of emotions for both us. My main concern was Pinkie going to fit in with the other children or would she been seen as different and become an outsider. I was hoping that the other children would just accept to for who she is.

We walked into the school full of anticipation, I was more nervous than Pinkie, I felt like it was my first day, you know how you feel that everyone is staring at you. You sit there waiting for your name to be called out as everyone is weighing everyone else up, you get the picture. Eventually Pinkie’s class was called and it seemed to be a free for all scramble to the classroom and that was just the parents, what did they hope to achieve??????? . Pinkie got to the class and looked so scared and bewildered. The teacher just took her by the hand to go and they went off to play in the sandpit while I quietly slipped away.

So the first day was a complete success, the second day well that’s another story.

I should have guessed everything would go to pot when the taxi was late picking up Perkie for school. Oh what a performance we looked like a scene from comedy of errors. I was trying to run with the pram, with Pinkie in tow, in the pouring rain. We got to school and guess what we was late. Not a good start !!!!!

“Oh I can’t do this”, was all I could hear in my head. As we stood in the playground waiting for our darlings to come out. I felt everyone was talking about me as I heard pinkie’s name mentioned a few times. It was all to do with Pinkie getting a bit more attention from the teachers than the other children. I really wanted to say something but you know it’s not worth it. I will have to see these people daily so didn’t really fancy upsetting them
So it looks like for the next 3 years we are going to be isolated yet again in the school playground. When will people see that children that are slightly different from the “normal” children have so much to offer. Oh well here we go again, somehow I will have to learn how to cope with it again


3 responses to “Will She Or Won’t She Cope (Part 2)

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    So glad to hear that Pinkie has settled. As for the other parents, don’t feel isolated, why don’t you ask the teacher to do an informal talk to the children and even extend it to the parents to explain why Pinkie gets extra attention. Sometimes thats all thats needed to help “ignorant” people be more understanding, they probably just think that she’s the teachers pet and are perhaps a bit jealous but, a little explanation and understanding could be beneficial to you in the sense that you could make some friends at school.

    • I tried to talk to one of the parents, she was happily chatting away till I mentioned autism. She couldn’t get away quick enough.

      The teacher is going to see how things go once she has her full class and maybe do a thing on how kids can be different xx

      • Catrina Shackleton

        So ignorant…I’m angry and sad for you at the same time!!! People like that are not worthy of being your friend, I know that doesn’t help you but, theres a reason special parents get special children cos someone must have known that you were the right person to fight for and stand up for your children, xx

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