Transition From Reception to Year 1

As you may you may or may not know Perkie goes to a special school. The transition between reception and year 1 has been a very difficult one for him.

As you know that autistic children can’t cope with change. Bearing this in mind there is always going to come a time when this is inevitable, the example in question, changing years at school.
Perkie has gone off the rails to say the least, this so unlike him. Poor lad has had to cope with a change of teacher, classroom and class mates, now this would be enough for any child but a child on the ASD spectrum its like his world has ended. He has become so violent, thinks nothing of putting his hands round your throat, kicking and lashing out. Very aggressive, I was really worried the other day that he would hurt Little Gnome. I have had to let him do his own thing to a certain degree, otherwise I am frightened he is going to hurt someone or himself.

I want to help Perkie cope at school but i don’t know how to , I have gone through all the pictures of his new class, teachers. children etc, but I don’t believe this is helping. I tried to talking to the teachers and they are helping a much as possible. Unfortunately this is a waiting game, yet another quirk of autism


9 responses to “Transition From Reception to Year 1

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    You have my sympathy Savvy! I am in the same situation with the ASD child I am supporting this year, Friday she just lost it and although not aggressive, she hid behind her hands for over an hour and sobbed!!! It was so sad:o(

    I hope that things will settle down soon for perkie, has he any familiar things with him in his new class? Perhaps a cup, a chair or mat that he sits on? A favourite toy to keep hold of whilst he settles might help. Apart from that, as you say, it’s a waiting game!

    I’ve tried to keep the school work to a minmum and I’m not introducing any new work but going over last years work that she can do, in the hope that some familiarity may help.

    Hope that Perkie settles soon, x

    • Thanks Cat xx

      Aww bless her, hope the little girl is ok. Hope she settles its such a horrible time for them .

      Perkie has gone into everything new and strange . I can give him something from home to look after , thanks

  2. Catrina Shackleton

    Was today a better day? It was for us although my little “charge” was rather vocal, she seemed much more settled at school, hope that Perkie was too, xx

    • Thats nice your little charge was better. No he came home in a foul mood, they are taking him to the sensory room more, to try and calm him down xxxx

      • Catrina Shackleton

        awww, that is such a shame as he was progressing so well in Yr R, hopefully he will soon settle. When does he start at mainstream? I suppose he won’t cope with that at the moment will he?

  3. He is supposed to be going to mainstream full time in 2 years, they haven’t started intergrating him this year. He is just not ready.

    which sort of gives me the impression he wouldn’t cope full time, only time will tell xx

  4. i see what you did there

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