Is Little Gnome Following Perkie’s Footsteps

Oh I hope not !!!!!!!!!!!!

Today has been quite a tough day, we took Little Gnome to see the OT. What’s tough about that I hear you ask, well it was more what she was saying that hurt.

First she was sat chatting away to me,asking a 101 questions, most of them of them I sort of expected. One i didn’t expect was ” how is his talking?”
“he babbles” I replied
“Well we will get him referred to the Speech and language therapist “. Oh NO !!! here we go again, with loads of appointments.

Next she wanted him to lie on the floor on his belly well he just doesn’t do lying on his belly, but he will happily lie on his back. She put him on his belly and hey he rolled straight over. Then she tried holding his hips down whilst he was on his belly and boy was she holding them down. Thats when she realised there was a problem. Another referral this time to have follow on visits with her, once a week.This was just how Perkie started.

I was asked to stand him up he doesn’t stand only lifts his legs up almost as if he is in pain , another referral this time to see the physiotherapist. Then to end it all we had another referral to the pediatrician. So it looks like the rollercoaster ride is about to start again, the only funny thing about today was at least we will know everyone haahahaha.

How do I feel well, upset, thinking this is yet another one of my lovely children that have problems. On the positive side least they have caught it very early. So the next time you have to take your baby for a developmental check, please do, because if there is anything that’s not right, it can be picked up. Mine all started with the Health Visitor and she noticed he wouldn’t lie on his belly. All aboard for yet another ride , ready …..


10 responses to “Is Little Gnome Following Perkie’s Footsteps

  1. Hi Savvy

    Sorry to see more referrals. Are they being extra cautious after the others dx???

    Did you have genetic test done on little gnome too?

    Why are they worried about his speach – again is this due to the others?

    • They could be but also i think they have concerns about Little Gnome the fact he isn’t talking, crawling etc. She tried sitting him up but he couldn’t , think the problems is his hips .

      Little Gnome is due to have the genetic test maybe that will happen sooner now.

      yes it is because of the others and the fact he is not talking at 7 months.

      Thanks for your comments xx

  2. Catrina Shackleton

    Hi Savvy, firstly well done you for being able to keep a positive outlook during all of this, I know you’ve been here before and they may be over-cautious but, as you say, better that than he gets “missed” in the system.

    Why would they expect him to be talking at 7 months old though? Surely all babies babble at this age, I can’t remember mine saying any words at such a young age.

    Do you notice any similarities between little gnome and Pinkie & Perkie? or do you think it’s just a case of getting him in the sytem at the slightest check-up, just in case?

    In a way, it’s a good thing that they are being this cautious given the history but, would be interesting to see if he has the same genetic “speciality” as Pinkie & Perkie wouldn’t it?


    • thank you for your lovely comment.

      they expect him to be saying baba, mama, dada, which he did just the once.

      He is very much like Pinkie and Perkie at this age the fact they all back crawled, he is not that interested in toys only certain ones. I think they have major concerns like him not putting his feet down, he wouldn’t put them down with her holding them down on the floor.

      yes i think they think the same that he has inherited the special gene lol. They could have their own little club hahahaha

      I am pleased they have picked it up so soon, just upset thats its happening again xxx

      • Catrina Shackleton

        Quite a few concerns there and they are doing the right thing, you certainly will have your own exclusive club at this rate! I hope that with him being referred so early that he will get all the help he needs from the very beginning and because you’re such a FAB mum, you will persue that, I know! Look forward to the next chapter, it does make very good reading, xx

  3. Thank-you very much for all your comments and of course a massive thanks for your lovely compliment. Think I may have found my niche at last xxxx

  4. yeah my dad will like this

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