Is Life Easy With An Autistic Child

As I have been talking to more and more people the one thing that people always say is ” It must be difficult having an autistic child ”

This has got me thinking is it anymore difficult to having an autistic child to a “normal ” child. Well I’m going to say no there is no difference, do you know why. Let me explain, there is no difference because any child can be challenging at times. Having an autistic child changes the parents as they have to learn a new way of life. Like you can’t just go out for an impromptu day out, nope that’s got to be planned a few months in advance, so that the child has time to adapt to this change in their routine. You have to watch where you go as the child can’t deal with crowds so you just adapt and go to a quieter place or when it is less busy.

The biggest difference is Peoples’ attitudes towards an autistic child, what really gets me is when people stare at Perkie when he is screaming or flapping( jumping up and down flapping his arms). Don’t they realise that he is getting anxious and upset about something and their staring is just making matters worse. Or when he gets out of his buggy, you get ” Oh don’t you think he is a bit big for a buggy “. I try to explain politely (although not always wanting to be so polite) that he needs to be in there because he has limited mobility. Why should I have to explain why don’t people except a person for who they are, its time to see beyond condition.

Do you know what at the end of the day i have always said this , that if someone gave me a cure for autism would I take it . NO i wouldn’t do you know why, because that is who Perkie is and without the autism and all its quirks he wouldn’t be Perkie. This is what sums it up autism is tomorrow’s geniuses


6 responses to “Is Life Easy With An Autistic Child

  1. Catrina Shackleton

    Well said Savvy!! xx

  2. “That is who Perkie is” – brilliantly put. Am enjoying reading your posts about your wonderful family.

  3. Hi, Just found your blog and am going to follow. You are so right parenst adapt to the kids they have. I have twins and to me now they are pretty easy most of the time (no different to my older boy) but just today I got told ‘it must be hell’! Thanks for that!

    Will go and have an explore now.

    Mich x

    • Thank-you for your comment. I think its time people started seeing things how they are instead of what they think they are like, some people just don’t understand do they and come out with comments like that.

      Hope you enjoy the blog, look forward to talking to you again

      Wendy x

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