Tough Times

These last few weeks have been so tough. I’m not sure if it’s how I am feeling or that the children are being more challenging. Either way it has been tough and I feel like I am drowning in it all. Someone once said to me “You have to go in the valleys to get the food, to get the strength to climb the mountain ” At the moment it feels like I am stuck in the valley all the time.

I feel everything has come to a standstill , we don’t seem to be progressing. Let me explain what I mean.

Like pinkie and the toileting last week school said she had been dry every day what a result , we have cracked it. Nope this week, she has had accidents every day . So we are back to square one again. Her screaming has got worse, she was screaming at the top of her voice the other day walking home from school. Everyone was staring, someone commented but I couldn’t be bothered to answer

Little Gnome now this is my major concern, it really upsets me that he is not doing what he should be like crawling etc. I would love nothing more to boast that he has mastered crawling, but alas it’s not meant to be just yet. It upsets me that he only drinks his milk as he won’t entertain solids, I have tried all sorts of different textures, consistency’s . It would be so nice for him to be trying new foods , textures etc. He still isn’t sleeping which is getting me down, I wish that just for one night he would sleep all night that would be wonderful.

Diva I know she hasn’t isn’t special needs etc, but she is really grinding me down. She is 10 and hormones are flying everywhere. I understand, I really do . What I refuse to accept is the I will talk to you as though you are a bit of muck at the bottom of my shoe. Sorry but that’s just not acceptable, I’m not being talked to like that, especially by a 10-year-old. That when she was told she was grounded has scribbling all over wardrobe, whats that all about ?
Am I missing something here!!!!! .

Perkie has become aggressive again, not sure what’s triggered it but something has. I had the opportunity to go his school, they said that he is doing well and settling back in slowly. Maybe it’s that………..

To sum this up well basically I feel as if I have hit rock bottom, the only way is up but how to get there???????????


6 responses to “Tough Times

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  3. Oh my gosh hun!

    Massive hugs. You sound like you need a break! A serious alone time break. That’s my advice on how to get to the top of that mountain.

    I know it’s hard and I have nowhere near as many children as you do, nor do I have to deal with the complexities of him being autistic or special needs.

    I noticed you said that “I know Diva isn’t special needs but…” – bless you lady, that’s OK. If she’s being a sod, she’s being a sod. Special needs or not. You don’t need to excuse yourself or try and explain. All kids can be a pain in the arse and you are doing an amazing, amazing job.

    Is there anyone at all that can take your children? I mean ideally a spa break is the way forward but I know these things aren’t cheap. Even if it means staying in a travelodge on your own for the night. You could watch a bit of adult TV, read a book and just sleep and relax. Have a bath.

    I hope you’re OK and I’m really thinking of you. Try and stay strong. It’ll get better, so clichĂ© but I honestly believe it will darling.

    Much love,

    Becca xxx

    • Becca

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment , how do I reply to it except say thanks. Things will settle down soon Little Gnome is only waking up once a night so hopefully start getting my sleep back.

      We did need a holiday this year I had to cancel due to appointments, we should have gone later for a holiday hind sight is a wonderful thing

      wendy xxxxx

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