Pinkie & Perkie School Days

I had the chance to visit both of the schools on Thursday due to meetings about the new Visual Learning Platform. Which I have to say is a brilliant idea and it is linking home life and school life closer together via the web.

I went to these meetings to find out more about the VLP as I have never heard of it before. I thought when the speaker said she had said VPL as was quietly chuckling to myself.
I will start with Perkie as you know if you’re a regular reader that Perkie had severe problems settling in and coping with all the changes. Well this week he has finally settled down and become a lot more relaxed. I had the chance to chat to one of the staff, they are so pleased with how Perkie has settled in they are now talking about integrating him into main stream school on a regular basis. They tried this last year he went for one morning a week. This year they are going to up the amount of time he spends in main stream to help develop his social skills. What else can I tell you about him that he is getting on really well with his reading and he loves to read his book to me. This is one thing I never thought I would see as he last year he couldn’t even talk just scream all the time. So very proud of him

The we went to Pinkie’s school to learn about the VLP . I sat and talked to her teacher, who said that Pinkie is settling in very well, is coping well and has made lots of friends. I thought this is so good , then came the BUT the toileting has become an issue. Pinkie was dry all the week before but this week its like she has forgotten all about using the toilet and keeps having accidents. This is the problem with Pinkie she has very short memory span, almost like a goldfish at times.

Just as I was feeling very deflated another teacher came up to me and said ” That Pinkie was the politest pupil he had ever come across and always had a smile on her face ” Oh a very proud mummy moment a teacher saying that about my daughter wow.

So needless to say mum and dad were very proud that day so much so it deserved a treat and there was only one place to go for such a treat Their favourite take away ……….. KFC here we come


6 responses to “Pinkie & Perkie School Days

  1. Fab news about the kids. That is so amazing that perkie has developed that much in a year. Well done you for helping him to come on so much and as for Pinkie, well I would love to be the parent of the politest pupil in school. Maybe one day!

    Mich x

    • Thank-you yes perkie has come on really well, school have worked very hard with him.

      Thanks for the compliment about Pinkie, the kids seem to change at school xxxxx

      Mich this will be you writing how well they are doing at school soon xxxxxx

  2. *High five* @ Pinky! Wooohooo!

    She definitely deserved that KFC. I doubt I will EVER have the most polite child in the school. I have a fuuuuunny feeling mine is going to be.a.terror.

    Becca x

    • Thank-you. I would have never expected that from Pinkie this is the same person who sometimes goes down the road shouting at people .

      It seems at school they change persona so you can never say never

      wendy xxx

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