A Bridge Too Far

I am writing this post because it was something that really upset me yesterday and just want to share it.

I picked Pinkie up from school yesterday everything was normal, nothing out of the ordinary, it was a nice day. We go across a bridge where we say “hello” to the ducks”, like I said everything was normal. Until we got to the other side of the bridge and I noticed they had put some barriers up to stop cyclists etc.
Well this threw Pinkie completely out, she sat on the floor refusing to move. So of course you get the usual tuts and groans from passer by’s. I thought you can see we have a situation here and all you can do is be so quick with your smart remarks. I just didn’t have the energy to tackle one woman who said to her son” Look at that naughty girl, sat on the floor”.
I was trying to persuade Pinkie to get up off the floor then Little Gnome started crying . “I thought great”.I had to get back home as Perkie was due to be dropped off from school”. She finally got up and started screaming well then that got everyone looking at us what a performance.

Then to top the afternoon off she sat in the middle of a road, luckily it was only a quiet road, I have her on a wrist strap as she has no concept of danger what so ever. So here I was trying to get her to cross the road. Then you get ” oh I wouldn’t have let her do that ” comment. No I wouldn’t if I had a choice but she is upset can’t you see that.Finally we continued our journey.

The best bit was there was a lady in a wheelchair you know what really got me that people moved for this lady because she was in the wheelchair. They came past us and Pinkie wouldn’t move out-of-the-way . This woman had the cheek to say ” can you move, can’t you see I am disabled ” . I thought what ………… I have my 4-year-old daughter here that is maybe just as disabled who can’t walk very far but because she looks normal nobody takes any notice. To them she is just a very naughty girl.

Don’t you think it is time people stopped being so quick to judge , because you know a child may look normal to you but in fact could be disabled. Please stop judging a book by it cover and begin to find out about the book, it contents may surprise you


13 responses to “A Bridge Too Far

  1. It makes me so angry. I was a carer for children with disabilites for many years. I was out with a boy of 7, blind, ASD, non verbal who threw a massive tantrum. I just stood watching him as people walked past. This old lady said to her friend “some mothers have no idea how to take care of their children” Well that was it!

    “you know what, I have no idea, I’ll leave you my mobile number and once you have him sorted give me a call and I’ll come and get him”

    With that the child smiled at me, jumped up and held my hand, and we walked off together, leaving the woman open mouthed!

  2. Shocking. Aren’t people just awful!
    It’s the same with mental illness, there’s just so much ignorance, assumptions and lack of consideration.
    I know I shouldn’t rant but it p*sses me off no end when people are so sucked up their own backsides they can’t stop, think outside of the box and be open minded regarding things like this.
    And the worst bit is you don’t want to argue about it and shout it from the roof tops, you just want an easy life, for a day.
    You’re an excellent Mum honey. Good on you.

    Becca xx

    • Thanks Becca for your lovely comment, you rant as much as you want. It does help.

      I will confront someone if I have to to be honest I don’t think it gets me anywhere but think it is better writing it down it helps more.

      thanks for the compliment xx

  3. Bless you. Somebody,who gets us, once told me the perfect response to people who just don’t understand – “not all disabilities are visible” I like to say that I gave up caring what people think 3 years ago, but I KNOW it still hurts. Try using that one, it often buys you some silence at least. Keep happy, you are doing amazingly, as always xxx

  4. Sounds like a really rough day. I find it especially irritating when people have to see a wheelchair to acknowledge disability!


  5. Rough day đŸ˜¦
    People’s attitudes never fail to amaze me. As you know I worked for the NAS so have seen quite a bit, the tuts, the groans, the nasty remarks and my personal favourite – people trying to step OVER a service user in my care, tutting, whilst she was on the floor, in a shop, having a seizure.

    Many people have no concept of hidden disabilities true, but on top of this I sincerely believe that as a whole, people have just become too comfortable with being openly scathing/sharing their opinions, which would be great- if people were more tolerant, understanding and used their noggins!
    Sigh – their problem my dear, you’re doing a fab job.

  6. I so agree with what you write! So beautifully put.

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