What is Autism ?

Everyone seems to think they know what autism is but do we really know, because I think autism means different things to different people.

Autism to me is not something that goes away when you shut the door. It cannot be cured by a tablet. It can go from a calm to a wild tempest in seconds and for no apparent reason and then return to tranquillity just as fast. It can change your whole way of life , thinking your whole persona almost.

The effect perkie being autistic has had on the family is amazing. You have to watch what you say as he takes everything literally and sometimes gets quite upset with what you say sometimes. Like the other day he said
” you going to be here tomorrow ? ”
I said “No, I’m going to run away ” (as a joke )
Thats the thing with autism is full of its little quirks as well.
Now he keeps saying “Mummy isn’t going to run away , NO

Autism is full of lots of quirks one of them is no 2 days are the same what worked one day most probably won’t work the next. Oh and that they can be so into something like Perkie it was Car’s the movie he knew that film inside out word for word. Then all of a sudden it’s almost as if the film doesn’t exist. Now it is Transformer’s the second film not the first and mostly about Bumble Bee.
Same with food his absolute love is chicken nuggets and chips now you think it wouldn’t matter where these were bought but no they have to be a certain make , which is KFC . He would live in KFC if i let him lol.

So what is autism to be honest I don’t know, all I know is that without autism Perkie wouldn’t be half the character he is .


6 responses to “What is Autism ?

  1. A nice article. Well done.

  2. He sounds like a real joy and has great taste with the kfc nuggets n chips.you sound like a brilliant mum.

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