Another Hurdle Crossed

Well this another first for Perkie actually went swimming last week. Why is this such massive achievement, well ever since Perkie was born he has always had an aversion to water. Bath times have always been a constant battle with screaming, kicking. Goodness knows what the neighbours make of all the noise and performance. I think its more a sensory issue than a quirk of autism

When the school said they were taking the children swimming, my first thoughts were “OMG” ! . I filled the form in and said that Perkie didn’t like water wasn’t confident and that there could be a few problems even getting him into the pool.

The day of the swimming lesson came and I was on tender hooks not sure how Perkie was going to be if he was going to go into sheer melt down. I was very surprised when he was eager to get ready for his swimming. I was hoping this was a good sign.
Well you can imagine my surprise when I read the homelink book when he came home from school. It said ” Perkie had enjoyed his swimming he was very apprehensive until he got into the water and realised he could touch the floor, then he loved it ” . It was certainly a lump in your throat moment as I read this. Wow well done Perkie

Now he is looking forward to his next swimming session ………..


6 responses to “Another Hurdle Crossed

  1. Well done perkie,swimming is so much fun.I hope bath time will become a little easier now,maybe perkie could try wearing his swimming trunks in the bath too. :0)

  2. One of mine was just the same. Had sponge baths for years. The school awarded him a Certificate of Achievement when he finally paddled on the top step πŸ™‚

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