It’s The Little Things

I have noticed by watching Perkie that a little thing/change can make all the difference to his world.

Here is what I mean, silly me decided to buy some cushions as my others were getting old. Do you what he noticed as soon as he walked in, was surprised, but it was enough to start him flapping and getting anxious.
Another was we bought some new cutlery again this caused him to get anxious, you wouldn’t thing a small like that would affect him.
I put up a new time line it was noticed straight away. It’s as if he has a photographic memory. I wish I had that capability I forget what day it is a times lol.
The major one this week is that his dad has to work nights for just this week. This has thrown him completely out. Which has had a knock on effect with his whole behaviour he has become very forth right which just isn’t him.
What can we do to help him with this, in short nothing. Except keep reassuring him

Then on the other side of the coin its the little things that Perkie does that mean the world to me.
For instance coming up and giving me a hug when he comes home from school, to me that’s like someone giving me a winning lottery ticket.
Also, this may sound strange its lovely and almost magical to hear him ask the same question over again as a year ago he couldn’t even talk, but after the 51st time it does get a bit repetitive.

So you see it is the little things that make all the difference.


2 responses to “It’s The Little Things

  1. children truly are a blessing,Being a good parent is hard work but the rewards are enormous.

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