To statement or not to statement

I will give you a bit of background to this latest post. As some of you know Pinkie has been diagnosed globally under developed but she also has a unique gene that has caused problems with her learning. She can’t take information in very well and what she does learn she doesn’t always remember. A statement is of educational needs it highlights areas where most help is needed and also if the child needs 1:1 support etc.

Anyway she was seen by the pediatrician in the summer just before she started school which was to be a mainstream school. She went to the appointment and of course loads were asked which is normal for these type of visits. The Consensus was that she would go to main stream school with a statement. brilliant this was all sorted or so I thought ………..

The powers that be said No she didn’t need a statement and would be fine.

Today i took Pinkie to the doctor’s and it was a doctor that we haven’t met before. he was very interested in Pinkie’s background and especially the unique gene. He asked what school she was at and also did she have a statement. He was very shocked when I said she had no statement.

Now the big question is do we statement or not to statement the jury is still out on that one


8 responses to “To statement or not to statement

  1. I’m not exactly sure what a statement is in regards to your situation but in my opinion it sounds as though it would be better for pinkie to have one.I do hope the powers that be do whatever is in pinkies best interest.

    • A statement is of educational needs at it highlights the areas that she needs support and if needed 1:1.

      Sorry I wrote the post without explaining things, thanks for highlighting it and thanks for your comment.

      I personally feel that Pinkie does need a statement

  2. W, it is your right to ask for a statement, even if you have been turned down for one. I do have some details, they are specific to my area but I will send them to you via email xxxx
    It is only my opinion but I believe ANY amount of hours that a statement can offer will be of benefit to Pinkie and fight for what you can.

  3. Hiya…

    Can I ask was it a Ed Psychologist? that said no to a statement? its just as you know my son (Garry) is autistic his diagnosis was on ‘the milder end of the autistic spectrum’ this was by his Consultant but the Ed Pyschologist refused to actknowledge this… (still to this day & he’s 16 yrs now!!) she wanted him diagnosed with ADHD along with his headteacher he was only 4yrs then?!? and to be put on Ritalin…. I wasnt having any of it and as I was a young mum I fought hard to be listened to… I got myself on the board of governors as parent governor & as a Special Needs governor.. I went on all the training courses and linked up with my local Autistic Society Group.. I met a brilliant lady there who acted as my witness in all my statement hearings she was a god send and my son got what he was entitled to.. I learnt so very much and to this day will always fight for autistic children & adults Good Luck… if you ever need a shoulder to cry on, or to share those brilliant moments that are so very special to us parents of autistic children you know where I am… Julie or (@SecondRowNo4) xxxx

    • Yes it was the Ed psychologist that said no, all I can say to that they must have caught Pinkie on a really good day .

      Well done you for going all out and fighting for what you believe in, I really admire people like yourself, your not going to take no for an answer.

      I have done the training courses aren’t they interesting .

      Thanks i might take you up on your offer sometimes it all gets the better of me

  4. My sister had to fight for 3yrs to get a statement for Luke , and in the end I think she knew more about autism than the professionals did. She got our local MP involved in the end and he was great , might be an option for you. Luke needed all the extra hours he got and it also helped getting him into a great school that was over subscibed (they cannot turn down statemented children). I wish you lots of luck ,don’t let them get you down , you know your child better than anyone else and I’m sure that you’ll get there xxx

    • Thank-you for your comment. I am so pleased that you sister managed to get Luke the help and support he needed.

      It makes me so angry that we have to fight for this sort of support as the professionals don’t always listen to the parents and they should let’s face it the parents know the child better than anyone .
      Thank-you for your support xxxx

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