The Party Take 2

Today I took Pinkie and Perkie to their first birthday party together what an adventure. It was held at a local soft play area, they couldn’t possibly get into any trouble could they !!!!

They started off with a game called hunt the coin, it was a treasure hunt of chocolate coins all was going well when I heard the dulcet tones of ” Mummmmyyyy” “Mummmmmyyyyyy” I couldn’t see who was shouting and as I looked up saw Pinkie in the highest part of the play area screaming she was stuck. Now how was going to get her down, she couldn’t climb down so I had to figure a way of climbing up. That was until a nice young man came to my rescue and went and fetched her for me.
I was determined that this wouldn’t happen again so I restricted her to the small play area where i could see what she was doing.

After her drama pinkie announced she was hungry but didn’t say it quietly no she shouted it at the top of her voice, so everyone turned round. Great . They went to go and get something to eat and play a few party games although that went down like a lead balloon. After most of them had won on pass the parcel, the novelty wore off and they started to get restless.

They all went back into the play area. One of the dads said that he would keep an eye on my kids while I chatted to the organiser. Few minutes later I walked into the soft play area to hear the familiar dulcet tones of “Mummyyyyyy” “Mummmmyyyy”.Straight away I knew it was Pinkie. I Looked around couldn’t see her anywhere, then I heard Perkie scream he had popped his balloon as was now stood screaming. Pinkie was still shouting I was frantically looking for her as well as trying to calm Perkie down.

Still looking for Pinkie I looked up and I saw some familiar feet dandling above my head. She had got stuck again this time in the middle section of the cargo nets. How on earth was I going to get her down, it meant me climbing to the top to come down the other side. This time one of the dad’s came to my rescue. What a morning .

They both came trotting out with a bag of goodies in their hands with not a care in the world. Why can’t life be like that?


12 responses to “The Party Take 2

  1. Wow sounds like they had V exhausting for you though.

  2. I remember these days well , sounds like they had a great time :). Hope they sleep well tonight so you can get a well deserved bit of R & R.

    • Thank-you Pinkie is fast alseep has been for a bit now. I’m pleased they went and enjoyed it its always the unknown isn’t it. Plus I got to meet some of the parents and we are all meeting up so definite bonus xx

  3. You’ll be out like a light tonight given the chance. Glad that all-in-all it went well x

  4. Lovely sharp post. Never thought that it was this easy. Extolment to you!

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    • Thank you for your lovely comment and compliment. I hope the presentation goes well, please let me know how you get on.

      If you need any help feel free to contact me either via the contact page or on twitter

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