Shopping Spree

I was lucky enough to win a £100 gift card from H&M a few months ago on twitter which was an absolute god send. I decided to keep it , in the hope of kitting the kids out for winter.

We all piled into the car and went off to Bluewater shopping center, the journey itself was fraught the kids were screaming and playing up a lot more than normal. The main argument was what music we were going to listen to of course it has to be the same all the time a quirk of autism. Unfortunately the normal cd we listened to was scratched. So it was a different cd which upset them so this was not a good start to the day.

We got to Bluewater and it was absolutely packed. The plan was to go to H&M and then a few other shops. It’s not possible to wander round and take your time with the kids. Its get what you want and go, type of shopping Supermarket sweep eat your heart out lol. We got into H&M piled up daddy with loads of clothes for the kids, only to find at the checkout we hadn’t spent enough. Gutted that would just have to mean mummy would have to get something. I went and got some gloves then the girls decided they wanted some the same colour . Well I noticed Perkie beginning to get agitated he started flapping and jumping up and down. The start of a meltdown. He started saying he wanted gloves over and over again. People turning round giving out the funny looks

lunchtime are the best on these type of outings. You have Pinkie and Perkie arguing what they are going to have for lunch even though it’s a foregone conclusion that Perkie will want KFC, Pinkie will want Mac Donalds and Diva just to throw the spanner in the works will have something completely different.

The best one was Pinkie right in the middle of Mothercare decided to have a massive melt down shouting at the top her voice “You lazy git, bloody shut up ” So of course you have people going to you that’s disgusting you talk to your daughter like that. Actually, it isn’t me she heard it from .its our darling neighbour, why should I bother even trying to explain. They have already labelled me as a bad mum and parent.


2 responses to “Shopping Spree

  1. Well done on your fab win, but what a day! It is something I used to find difficult when taking clients out, as people with autism look “normal” (<sorry awful word but you know what I mean), but can act in a very socially unacceptable ways social-wise. The joy of a hidden disability.
    I hope you enjoy the purchases!!

  2. Thank-you for your comment it is the looks that get me’

    Little Gnome looks so cute in his new outfits, now its deciding what to put on him first lol. think I will need the scarf and gloves soon xx

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