The Journey

I original wrote this post as a guest post but I would like to share it with you as I think its so important.

I would like to tell you about my son’s journey in the past year. What’s so special about this I hear you ask? You see its special as my son is autistic. He was diagnosed at 3 years old with autism and global under development and hyper mobility.

Let’s begin the journey it started a year ago when he began to attend a special school. He started school unable to read, write or talk. His idea of talking was continuous high pitched banshee screams for hours on end. He was unable to communicate.
We had started working with a speech and language therapist who introduced him to PECS and Mackaton, this started to break down the communication barrier, and he was at last able to communicate with us. His use of PECS and Mackaton ( type of sign language) was very basic when he started school.

Soon after starting he began to come home signing new words and using PECS more. By Christmas he had began talking and interacting more. Each day he was improving and his confidence grew. Then he came home and read his first ever book to me, what a real lump in the throat moment that was and a day I thought I would never see.

A year on we went to a parent’s consultation at the school to be told that he was really excelling at school and they now want to look into integrating him in a main stream school part time to begin but the goal is for him to finally move to a main stream school altogether.

So no matter how bad things seem there is always hope


10 responses to “The Journey

  1. Hi there, saw you on the BMB Autism group and thought I’d stop by and say hello. My Nipper has recently had a preliminary diagnosis of ASD (Asberger’s probably plus suspected ADHD). We have some sensory issues and language problems in the mix too. Wehave recently started using pecs to help Nipper understand and remember what we need him to do. Glad to hear that it’s working really well for your little one.

    • Thank- you for your comment and lovely to meet you. I hope you manage with PECs its amazing how quick they pick it up. I found using a timeline and this and next board as well helped. Good luck look forward to chatting to you again

      wendy xx

  2. What a fantastic post , thanks for sharing it. My nephew , who was diagnosed with autism at 3 yrs old and is now 18 , is studying catering at college and getting glowing reports. With the proper support at mainstream school it is amazing what autistic kids can achieve. I wish him lots of continued success and look forward to reading about how he progresses.

    • Thank-you for your lovely comment . What a positive outcome for you Nephew well done.
      It does amaze me at what they can achieve thank-you so much for sharing

      wendy xx

  3. What an inspiring read,to all those that feel there is no hope.

  4. Having two sons with autism, it’s always nice to read positive postings. My boys are 18 and 13 now, and it does get easier 😀
    My 13 year old has come on leaps and bounds! He started off using PECS. He didn’t utter a word when he started Reception – now? We can’t shut him up! lol

    ange xxx

    • Thank-you for you positive comment.

      I would love to chat to you again get the other side of the story. I think PECS is definitely the way to break down the communication barriers. My son is the same you think sometimes will you just be quiet lol



  5. Thanks for sharing your son’s journey – heart wrenching! What progress and what joy for you! PECS are great! Keep hoping because there is an entire future ahead for him and for you.

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