My children have never been great lovers of Halloween they get scared by all the masks. It all stemmed from when the scream masks were the rage with the blood dripping down it scared the kids when we went to the door. So from then on we put up a polite notice saying please do not knock.

So when we received an invite to a Halloween party I was in two minds to go, my first thought was how would the kids cope, my second thought was how would people take to the kids. i wanted to go as it was a way of meeting people who lived near by and might just break down some of the barriers towards us as a family. We are the family that’s avoided as we all have 3 heads lol. Thats what it seems like but its they don’t understand the kids and why they scream or don’t talk to them etc. Even though I have explained this a 100 times.

We bought them all a Halloween costumes for the party, told them they were going showed them pictures of people in costumes etc. Diva was a devil, Perkie an vampire, Pinkie a witch and Little Gnome was a pumpkin

We arrived there and pleased to say there wasn’t many people so it gave the kids time to settle and explore the environment. They had a go at plate spinning, Diva couldn’t spin the plate fast enough but think that’s because she was watching the lad that was showing her, more than what she was doing. Pinkie and Perkie were naturals at pumpkin bowling. They all painted a plate for me. Diva won the best Halloween costume and pin the arm on the skeleton.

So in all it was a good night. Did we manage to break down the barriers nope people were still very judgemental and we got the funny looks. At one point I nearly turned round to say to a few of them what were they staring at but thought no, as I lived near them. I did try to talk to people but they didn’t want to talk so thats fair enough. I won’t bother anymore .
So we left the party went on our nightly drive to look at trains ( a quirk of autism ) and ended up at Mac Donalds as a special treat


8 responses to “Halloween

  1. Aww glad you all had a great time xxx well worth going then xx the kids will enjoy it more next year too x

  2. Thanks for sharing this halloween story. I admire in tha first place to even dare go. Iam terrified since the experiences of going out left me shaken at times. He is getting better and we are gradually taking small steps to go out. People will forever remain judgmental but you are doing a great job just sharing a blog.

    Best wishes
    Jackie mum entrepreneur of four boys, one with ASD.

    • Hi thanks the lovely compliment.

      It is hard taking them out i wouldn’t try to kid anyone and say different. All I can say is try to ignore the stares and comments. You little boy is your special angel and these angels only go to special parents that can give them the love and understanding. you could try him with PECS and show him pictures of where you are taking him a few weeks in advance. i saw these t-shirt slogans and this is what keeps me going

      ” Your attitude is my child’s only handicap ”

      “Keep staring you might just cure me of my autism – then we can work on YOUR social skills ”

      If you ever need to chat feel free to contact me

      wendy xx

  3. i have 1 simple rule with my son

    if he wants to go out and do something we let him but we force him into no “activity” that is something he does not want to do

    if he does want to and someone has a problem it is their problem not ours

  4. We have to try sometimes don’t we, just
    For our own sake if not the kids. Sounds
    Like it turned out well in the end though.
    My daughter, Amy, is autistic and even
    Though she’s nearly 11 now she still finds
    Parties tough. Not that she gets invited
    To any.

    CJ xx

    • Hi CJ

      Thanks for your comment. Yes sometimes we just have to force ourselves to do things. I’m very much a hermit which I am trying to work on to get out more.

      I think parties are tough for them as they can’t see the logic behind them. Aww I hope she gets invites and you all have a chance to go to a party. Its only this last month we have been invited to parties.

      Hope to chat to you again xx

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