Am I Having A Meltdown

I have talked about the kids having meltdowns and how devastating this is but what’s to stop parents having a meltdown. A person can only take so much then something has to give .

I have been under a tremendous amount of stress just recently. Let me tell you a bit of what’s going on.

We well start with Little Gnome, he is now 10 months old, he isn’t sitting up, rolling, crawling nothing. Everyone has been saying he is just slow but no it isn’t that I wish it was. He is under the Occupational therapist for exercises and now she has major concerns how he extends his body and goes rigid as if its a muscle spasm.
Then he isn’t on solids we have tried absolutely everything but can’t get him to eat al he will do is drink his milk. I feel he has sensory issues as he will only have certain dummies and I have noticed he will only put certain things in his mouth.
So this is a major worry.

Then there is Pinkie she is having problems with toileting to the extent where we had to take her to the doctor’s to check she hadn’t got an infection. All tests came back clear but she is now been referred to the incontinence clinic at the hospital so yet more appointments.
At school she is doing ok but sometimes she struggles to listen to what the teacher is saying or wanders off.
When I pick her up from school thats when the trouble starts with her as she holds it together all day then the bubble just pops. Yesterday she started throwing stones and before i could get them off her, one nearly hit a car. So told her off which caused her to sit down on the path, whilst she shouted abuse at me. Of course you get the looks off the other parents.

Perkie well he has just changed so much .Every Wednesday night his dad works a late shift, even though we have explained to work that the kids don’t cope with change they won’t budge on this one. Anyway last night was a really tough night. Perkie was throwing things especially at me, he did hit Little Gnome with something so I sent him out of the room. I was so wound up with their behaviour. I know it was all down to the smallest thing of the change in routine but still doesn’t stop me being angry and very sad with him and his behaviour

Do you know what all this has made me feel so angry and upset inside. I feel like screaming, throwing things and trashing the rooms


10 responses to “Am I Having A Meltdown

  1. To be honest I find it absolutely amazing and inspiring that you are generally as level-headed and “together” as you are my dear! You do a fantastic job of juggling appointments, “normal” day to day running of a family, constantly checking, rechecking and being on your toes to spot and avoid circumstances and changes that will set off one of your lovelies, if it upsets their routines or sensitivities. Good Lord woman, everyone melts down occasionally, you go for it, you can’t keep everything “in” all the time!

    Seriously, you are fab and it’s so great that you take the time out of your hectic days and nights to write these blogs to show other families and care professionals what it can be like in “real” life, and ways around it.

  2. I think you are an amazing mother and are doing a fantastic job you still take time out to think of others and write your blogs which is a great help to others in the same situation as yourself. just keep reminding your self what a great and brilliant mother and person you really are x

  3. SavvyMum

    usually don;t reply like this but just got to say………………………..
    everyone has their moments and you’re entitled to yours – for goodness sake! look at your life! you do absolutely everything with those kids in first place – My Savvy can’t always be there and I’m sure he works hard when he’s home.

    Little Gnome will always be your Little Gnome whatever happens with him – you’ll not love him less than Diva, Perkie or Pinkie and you’ll never be less tahn than their fantastic Mum

    go in a room – shout scream – stamp your feet if you have to!

    CHIN UP KID – I wish I were half the Mummy you are

  4. You are doing SUCH an amazing job with your little ones, just make sure there’s a time for you to have a bit of peace at the end of the day if you can! It’ll help keep you going, even on those days when you just want to hide in a cupboard (I’ve never done that… really *cough*) cause you have that to look forward to?

    • yes it does get like that where i could gladly hide , thank you for your lovely comment and hugs

      You are doing well with yours think you cracked the sleeping well done xx

  5. You have an incredible amount to deal with,I’m not sure I could cope the way you can’t do it all alone though,u need support are amazing and a great example to all parents

    • Thank-you so much for a lovely comment and compliment. I am sure that if you did go through the same sorts of things you would find the strength.

      You are so right about the support I do need more help, time to get people to listen to me I think

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