It’s The Obvious Things

As mums know weaning can be a stressful process as times. What makes it worse when the baby won’t take to the new tastes. What happens if the baby doesn’t take to weaning at all , a mum’s nightmare well that’s what happened to me.

Little Gnome was born in January and took to a bottle straight away, so we had no problems with feeding. So weaning was going to be easy……….
Well no it wasn’t , he wouldn’t eat . Over the months we have tried all makes of baby food, make homemade food but no he still wouldn’t eat. He lived on nothing but milk. He got to 8 months and still never ate any solids . I asked professionals they said just keep trying different foods. Well after exhausting all the different makes of baby food. I tried a different tack and decided maybe it wasn’t the food but the spoons.

So again I tried different makes and textures of baby spoons. Still nothing, no solids.He is now 10 months old and still living on milk, the only difference now is he is waking early morning by early I mean 3.00am early because he is so hungry. Today I have just about exhausted all possible combinations of foods to spoons . All except one you know what that was a metal spoon.
I tried him with a rice pudding with a metal spoon and result he ate the WHOLE jar, how good is that. Thinking it was a one off I gave him some more rice pudding and again he ate. Bit worried that all he will eat is rice pudding but at least he is eating . So hopefully it was just a simple thing of using the wrong sort of spoon. My children are full of these funny quirks.


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