To Blog or Not To Blog

I have found myself wondering whether blogging is my thing I look and read other blogs and go wow, but mine to me it’s just my ramblings of how I am feeling or dealing with a certain situation. The subject of autism and special needs it not what everyone wants to read but I think it is a part of parenting people should read about.

I was having a conversation yesterday and one of things that come up was the blog. This person for what ever reason thought writing a blog was not such a good idea.
Anyway this got me thinking when I was up in the small hours of the morning do I blog or not. I am absolutely amazed by how many people do read it and comment. It is helping me write things down and getting other Peoples feed back and ideas. I think it does help to type things down and chat to people in similar situations .

I am curious to what you think ? thanks any feed back will be appreciated,


19 responses to “To Blog or Not To Blog

  1. Please keep blogging! I personally think you are an inspiration to others! You have certainly educated me a lot and I’m very grateful for that.

    I love your blog and if you enjoy it then keep at it.

    Rhoda (@justforcomps) xx

  2. Hi Wendy,

    This is Virg (@frenchgourmetfd on Twitter), I read your blogs, and i think, just like my fellow-readers, that your words are very important, whether at 14:00 or 03:00. They’re important because they help you “get it out of your system” at least, while you’re writing it. they’re important because you inspire people. I mean how many of us think we’re hectic or just going through a really tough time, and yet, when we read you, it put things in perspective for us. Maybe things are bad, for us, for you, but we admire you for what you’re doing and how you can cope (or not) with things and stay yourself. Maybe try to enjoy your “wobblers” when you have them, maybe this way you can turn a negative into a positive?
    Anyway, what I’m saying is that your words benefit all of us who read you, and hopefully, receiving comments give you a little support, a little giggle sometimes, and little breather.

    Take good care of your wee self & family, and remember that the toad’s spit cannot reach the white dove! 😉

    Virg @frenchgourmetfd

  3. You carry on blogging you do an excellent job,it not only helps you deal with things it also helps others,take no notice of what narrow minded people think,what would they know anyway,do they live your life? NO!! they don’t !!!!
    keep positive and keep doing what you do best
    love me x

  4. If it makes you feel happy and you enjoy doing it then carry on.It wouldn’t matter if only one person read it if it satisfies you.I do like to read it and judging by the comments,so do others.

  5. Keep it going we are reading xxx

  6. ive only had a brief view of some of yours hun but in my opinion yes you bloody should!! you’re great at it and its a great way to release everthing from your mind and de-stress you which makes you and everyone and around you calmer….good for you and good luck xxx

  7. Just about every day I wonder, especially when I get a negative comment or people jump on me for saying this or that.

    But I am constantly reminded just how valuable it is to share a story.

    It doesn’t have to be educational or filled with a lot of research… just sharing your story is an inspiration and allows others to relate and realize that they’re not alone.

    I’ve had a lot more positive feedback than negative, yet the negative still gets me wondering sometimes. I am betting it’s the same with you.

    Keep writing. Drown out the ney-sayers because the good you’re doing far outweighs them.

    • Thank you for your comment. Its amazing isn’t it that a person’s comment can make you change your way of thinking. Strange isn’t after all the hassle we put up with as regards the kids .

      Then someone says something that we are doing for ourselves and it upsets everything.

      We have to keep writing to help others don’t we

  8. a couple of points really

    one always right your blog for you

    if you help a couple of people on the way that is a great thing but it helps keep many people sane to be able to vent to the world (even those times it looks like no one is listening)

    two never let someone discourage you from blogging if you enjoy it. Many parents of autistic kids here where i am hide their kids and the autism they have (some even go so far as to ask the ABA center who sends them workers to help their kids to hide their affiliation so that they are not connected to autism at all and that is disturbing on so may levels)

    we dont have to tell the world everything with all the pictures and names if we choose not to but there is nothing to be ashamed about if our child ends up being autistic it is no failing of ours, our only failing is if we fail to accept it.

    • Thank you for your comment and you have made some very valid points.

      I started to blog to help me cope at times with everyday life and it did help and its just snowballed really from there.

      The only reason I don’t use their names and pictures is to protect them from the idiots online ( if you see what I mean ) . That is the only reason. I love my kids and I’m not ashamed of the autism its what makes the kids so special and unique, but yes I can see what your saying . Some parents do find it hard to accept their child is different I know of several like that , its such a shame as you can learn so much from the kids.

  9. Keep on blogging, I’ve just read yours and think it’s great! Keep it up! x

  10. Yes, as all the above said. If you enjoy blogging and it works for you – keep doing it. I have been in this place many times and right now I am again pondering if I should continue with my blog as I get so overwhelmed with all the stuff that goes with blogging (if you let it).

    You do a great job. Mich x

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