Peoples Generosity

My son has an obsession like most autistic children, they have a love of one specific thing. My son who is 6 absolutely loves helicopters and everything to do with them. Every year we try to go to airshows so that he can see and watch the helicopters and planes. His favourite helicopter is the Chinook which he calls wooka wooka.Then its Merlin helicopters. He sits for hours looking at pictures of airshows on the internet.

Today I just thought I’d ask a simple question on Twitter if anyone could help me with some pictures of helicopters . unfortunately I am unable to print any pictures out as the kids have destroyed my printer and I now need a new one.
I could not believe how quickly people responded to this request. I was over whelmed with people’s generosity. The tweet just seemed to travel from person to person. I think its lovely how people you haven’t even met or know you want to help out anyway they can.

We have had offers of pictures to books I am going to have one very happy little boy .To say thank you I would like to mention everyone that helped me today.

So a massive big thanks to these lovely people






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