Awesome 3D TV and Autism

I thought I would share this post with you all as it had the wow factor.

Last weekend we had a trip to Bluewater to test the new Maclaren out but that’s another story. Whilst we were there we saw a Sky stand and with closer inspection they were profiling an LG 3D tv. All I can say is wow.

The kids were ushered to the front and given the glasses to wear which looked liked sunglasses how cool is that, they thought they were the bees knees wearing them, they looked so cute . They were watching G-Force in 3D. They were totally amazed at the guinea pigs flying round their heads its was so realistic. They were mesmerized by it all. The colours were so vibrant and picture crystal clear.
They seemed to understand the concept and it not be out of the ordinary, maybe that’s how they see things in 3D in their world. Oh I would love just 5 minutes in their world to see how they saw things. Could you just imagine it seeing things as if you were watching a 3D picture. It could be quite scary at times. I believe children with autism see the vibrant colours around us in everyday life. Isn’t it time to start looking at the beautiful crystal clear colours nature as to offer. Let’s appreciate our world around us instead of being too busy to look at it.

My wish is to get a 3D tv one day .As they miss out on all the 3D films at the cinema because they wouldn’t cope with the whole cinema experience.


4 responses to “Awesome 3D TV and Autism

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  2. I hope a tv company sees this and helps you out. it seems to be an excellent sensory tool for the kids.

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  4. Really wonderful post. I’d never considered it that way, but this has really got me thinking, cheers.

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