Our Newest Addition

Well you will never guess what we picked up yesterday a puppy. Let me all hear you say awwww. This is Marley yes after the film Perkie was adamant we were going to call him Marley lol

After doing hours of research of what dog would be best for autistic children it all pointed to one breed and that was a labrador. Then after spending even more hours trying to find the perfect dog if there is such a thing, we found Marley. He is a 9 week old labrador.
I have read that pat therapy is good for children with autism and special needs and I really think he will well be beneficial for my children and me as well. I can take him and one of the children for a walk giving me the important one to one time with them . As sometimes in our house it gets so busy it’s not always possible to get that time with them. Plus it will help them learn routines and the importance of sharing as they take turns in helping with his feeding, walking etc. Plus I really believe he will help the children down when they have a meltdown.

He is so good and placid round the kids we have only had him a day but already I can see him bonding with the children really well, he slept all night last night only cried once so a bonus. Plus he was that busy playing with the children that they all fell asleep quite quick last night result

So you have met Marley god help the teachers at the schools today because thats all the children are going to talk about lol


10 responses to “Our Newest Addition

  1. Aww he’s adorable. makes me want another dog soon 🙂

  2. awww….welcome to your forever home,Marley x

  3. He’s adorable.

    We have a black Labrador, we had him before we had our little one but he’s been amazing with him. They are so close and always chasing each other. It’s lovely to see

  4. hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

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