Maclaren More Than Just A Buggy

A few months ago I asked on Twitter if anyone knew where I could get a Maclaren Major Elite from which is a special needs buggy. The lovely people at Maclaren heard my plea and sent me a sparkling new Maclaren Major Elite buggy with all the accessories. Wow I was so overwhelmed by their generosity.

The first thing I will say about this buggy is that to me this is more than a buggy to me this is freedom, this now allows me to take my daughter out and about to all sorts of places. Which before has been out of the question because either she wouldn’t cope with the crowds and have a meltdown (best way to describe that is a mini tornado) or she couldn’t cope with the walking due to having mobility problems.

The Major Elite is much bigger than a normal buggy as it designed for children in mind it is strong robust has a hard-wearing washable strong seat cover. the whole buggy is designed to grow with the child which I think as a parent is a great bonus. It has a 5 point harness which gives me as parent peace of mind to know that my daughter is safe when she is having her meltdowns while she is out and about. It has a 3 position footrest which is again a big help.

The buggy looks like a normal buggy with its swivel wheels but has square grip handles which I find are more comfy than the normal handles of a buggy. What I will say that this buggy has definitely been built to last. It’s very easy to push even with a heavier child in and it folds very easily.

So if you are like me and have been blessed with a special angel I would highly recommend the Maclaren Major Elite

So a massive big thank you to Maclaren for everything.

Accessories available are

Shopping Bag
Matching Sun Shade
Transparent raincover
Chest Pads to prevent older children undoing the harness
A padded seat cover for additional comfort
A deeply padded footmuff for added warmth and weather protection

Stockists of the Maclaren Major Elite are :-


Parents of children with special needs can also contact their local PCT to get hold of a buggy. Sometimes this may be provided free of charge depending on circumstances.


7 responses to “Maclaren More Than Just A Buggy

  1. We love our maclaren major buggy you right it gives us so much more freedom as my son gets breathless because of his heart defect the only thing is the price of the accessories are to expensive for us

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  3. Im Trying to find one of these second hand as there very expensive new,tried ebay but having no luck as still going for alot,any ideas would be great x

  4. can this buggy recline?

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