Cybermummy 2011

I am doing a bit of a difference post today I am going to talk about cybermummy and what it would mean to me if I could attend.

At the moment there is so much talk of Cybermummy 2011 for you of those who don’t know it’s a where lots of bloggers get together to network, discuss blogging and everything associated with it.

This would be the perfect opportunity for me to get my name known as a blogger for autism and special needs something that’s very close to my heart. What a great way to get autism awareness known.

The problem is I need a sponsor for me to attend , if anyone was kind enough to sponsor me. I would use twitter, facebook and my blog to promote my sponsor. Also I could represent you at cybermummy
I know its a big ask but I would love to attend

Updated I have found a sponsor thanks to everyone that has read this post

Details of cybermummy can be found here

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